Wednesday, December 31, 2008

David vs. Goliath

Israel has rejected the cease fire and is Hell Bent on WAR with Hamas (The Democratically Elected Government of The Gaza Strip). Days of endless bombing have left much of Gaza in ruin. Food and medical supplies are running out and hundreds of Innocent civilians are being injured and killed. Israel's goal is to DESTROY HAMAS. The question can they succeed. When you kill Innocent civilians to drive more people to join Hamas. Right now they are destroying Buildings, destroying water lines, destroying power lines, totally destroying GAZA! But have they really HURT HAMAS? Can you really bring an end to the violence with MORE VIOLENCE? What do they really hope to achieve? There are many more questions than they're is answers but one thing is clear and should be clear to Israel by now is that Hamas isn't going anywhere.

Hamas is the Heart and Soul of the Palestinian People. Even when Yasir Arafat was in charge he could only do what Hamas would allow him to do. This is why I never understood why Israel put so much pressure on him. HE WAS NEVER IN CONTROL! Hamas has always been in control. Arafat, like Abbas was only a Figure Head. Hamas has all the power. They only way to defeat Hamas is to KILL EVERY SINGLE PALESTINIAN IN GAZA AND THE WEST BANK! But even that wouldn't work because then Hezbollah would come down from Lebanon and take off were they left off. Israel will never be able to defeat Hamas. They know that!

So the question is what are they really trying to do. Are they trying to demoralize the Palestinian people and try to prove that Hamas can't protect them. It is really interesting. Israel keeps saying that Hamas is "RAINING BOMBS" into Israel, but their aren't any reports of any serious casualties. So on what grounds do they justify their actions? How can they justify killing over 300 PEOPLE AND INJURING MANY MORE?

They are doing this because they know that when BUSH leaves office that they want have the same support from Barack Obama that BUSH gave them. Barack wouldn't not condone these attacks on innocent civilians. He would urge restraint and demand that both sides resume peace talks and try to come to some kind of agreement that he himself would be personally involved in. BUSH has basically kept far from the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict over the last 8 years. All he ever says is that Israel has a right to defend herself. WELL SO DOES GAZA! SO DOES THE WEST BANK! SO DOES LEBANON! SO DOES SYRIA! SO DOES IRAN! SO DID IRAQ!

If BUSH thinks that HE AND ISRAEL are the only ones that can engage in PREEMPTIVE WAR THAN HE IS SADLY MISTAKEN. He needs to wake up and realize what he has started. He has opened the door for this conflict. ALL THE BLOOD THAT WILL BE SHED FORM HERE ON OUT IS ON HIS HANDS ALONG WITH ALL THE BLOOD THAT HAS BEEN SHED IN IRAQ!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Problem with Christmas

Every year it is the same thing, people spending money they don't got, getting deeper in debt just so their spoiled Kids can be happy on Christmas day. That might not be the truth for everyone. I mean there are a lot of people out there that got Plenty of Money. But through out all the shopping and and holiday cheer, I just find it hard to get in the mood. I want my kids to have a good Christmas like the other kids but I don't really believe in the idea of Christmas I guess.

Sometimes I think that my childhood has a lot to do with how I feel about Christmas. The Fact that we didn't grow up in the church and we didn't have the money to get the things that we really wanted. Or maybe the fact that I found out pretty early in my life that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Or maybe because I was always being Bad and didn't deserve any presents. But as I grew up and really started to think about Christmas and its significance.

Christmas origins don't even begin with Christianity. In fact it is more than likely that Jesus' birthday is far from when it is celebrated in December. I guess the more I think about Christmas the more of a scrooge I become. I fight against my own Ideas and Opinions of Christmas just to make My Kids happy. I guess it is a sacrifice I have to make. But shouldn't I be educating them about Christmas? Or should I focus my attention on the what the Meaning of Christmas should be?

I probably am going to struggle with this Christmas issue for the Rest of my life. It isn't going anywhere. This holiday will remain. I just feel like every year I keep getting stuck with having to celebrate this with my family when I really don't WANT TO! I love My Family and I will just have to put up with it I guess. But I am just tired of being depressed.

I think about my childhood and HOW POOR we were. I would here Imagine By John Lennon and that is what I would do. I would Imagine a Better World where there was no such thing as being POOR. My parents had to provide for 7 kids. Never once did we NOT have Christmas. This puts pressure on me to celebrate it against my will. I have to make a Happy Christmas for my kids while the WORLD CRYS! Many poor people in this WORLD! And they are being TORTURED BY THIS HOLIDAY TOO! The RICH SPEND MONEY WHILE THE POOR STARVE. And at the sametime that they are STARVING, Wars are being waged all over the world. IS THIS THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS? LOVE, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY, KINDNESS.

The Message of Christ is Salvation! This brings me to the Salvation Army! The Salvation Army does so many GREAT things during this VERY TOUGH TIME! They give food, cloths, and toys to needy families. They understand that NOT EVEY ONE WILL HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS. They know all to well. But even that isn't enough. So what do we do? How do we make sure that Every little kid has a Happy Christmas? We CAN'T! It saddens my Heart. I have a hard time providing for my kids how can I help others? The best day of the year to me is the day after Christmas when all this is over! Then we look forward to ushering in a NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at BUSH!

A fitting end to a very bad Presidency! After all the Iraqi Blood that BUSH has on his hands, he deserves this treatment and much more. I commend this journalist courage, because he want see the light of day for a VERY LONG TIME. He had to know the extreme consequences of his action and he still went through with his plan.

This has to make BUSH feel a little afraid to show is face in public anywhere in the world. He is probably the most HATED person in the world. Not Osama Bin Laden, Not Hugo Chavez, Not Kim Jong Il, Not Vladimir Putin, Not the Castro Brothers, BUSH! And with Good reason!

This only underscores the need for Barack Obama to repair our Nations Image around the world. Just look at what BUSH has done to us. We can't have people wanting to "THROW" their lives away just because they don't like our President. Bush should have never went to Iraq. Didn't he think he has done enough already? What, did he think he was going to be greeted as the Savior or the next coming of Muhamed? This guy really doesn't get it. Listen BUSH! The WHOLE WORLD HATES YOU! You are just to DUMB TO UNDERSTAND THAT!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The DEATH of a City

North Carolina is the place to be. All over the state cities are growing and thriving. With cities like Raleigh (#39), Greenville (#72), and High Point (#88) on the Top 100 Fastest Growing Cities it is clear that North Carolina is on the rise. Areas like The Triangle, The Triad, The Charlotte Metro Area, Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune are BOOMING. Greenville is EXPLODING. With universities like, Duke, NC State, UNC, ECU, UNC Wilmington, Fayetteville State, UNC Greensboro, UNC Asheville, North Carolina Central, NC A&T, Shaw, etc. People from all over the country are coming here to go to school, get a job, and raise a family. All the Universites are in cities that are growing by leaps and bounds. It is true, "nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina". BUT WAIT! I know that I just painted a Pretty Picture about all the success and growth that the state as a whole is experiencing. BUT! Not every City and Town is reaping the benefits of that growth and success. Kinston, NC is one of those cities!

In fact Kinston is SHRINKING! Population in July 2007: 22,346. Population change since 2000: -5.0%. This is CRAZY! With most of the other cities in the state doing so well why is Kinston SHRINKING? I can tell you why!

* Median household income below state average.
* Median house value below state average.
* Less than High School Diploma above the State average.
* Unemployed percentage above state average.
* Black race population percentage significantly above state average.
* Median age above state average.
* Institutionalized population percentage above state average.
* Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average.

There is nothing in Kinston to keep the young, bright, and talented youth of the county Here. Why stay in Kinston when you can go to Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, or Greensboro? The Loss of the textile industry in Kinston has had a huge effect on the community. Manufacturing in the area is on the decline. There just isn't enough good paying jobs to keep the people here. People have families to take care of they can't just wait around for the next big thing to come. They have to go where the jobs are. Yes, when Spirit comes it will bring much needed jobs to the city but that want be enough. We need more.

So we know what the problem is. It is Jobs, and Education. Most people leave home to get an education or to get a Job. SO, if we can provide them a 4 year education (AT LEAST THAT)and provide incentives for companies to come to the city, which would create jobs, a lot of people will might think twice about leaving. When people leave the city, the city LOSES tax revenue! BOTTOM LINE! When the City loses Tax Revenue the City will find ways to generate more TAX REVENUE. Most of the time they just RAISING TAXES. BUT! If you continue to raise taxes you will only run off the people who actually want to live in the city. They will move in to the county or worse out of the area all together. We must do our best to find ways to keep people in city and the county without raising taxes!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obama's Message to Iran: Carrots or Sticks? You Chose!

President Elect Barack Obama has sent what I think is a very clear message to Iran: We can be Friends or Enemies, you get to decide. Of course President Elect Obama can't say it they way I just did, but I believe any politician could read what was between the lines of his comment. He acknowledged the fact that Iran is doing business with Russia, India, and China all very powerful countries in the Region. That relationship with those countries is the REAL threat not Iran in and of itself. RUSSIA IS A NUCLEAR POWER, INDIA IS A NUCLEAR POWER, CHINA IS A NUCLEAR POWER.

If Iran maintains close relations with all three of those nations Iran want need Nuclear weapons of it own. President Elect Obama also understands that it is that Power Block of nations that has empower Russia to to be more aggressive in the world stage. My opinion is the cards are stacked against us. I believe President Elect Obama is aware that our position in the world isn't nearly as strong as it was during the Clinton years.

The BUSH administration has destroyed our world image. And as we all know Image and Perception is everything. If our comrades around the world perceive us to be Poor and Weak then they treat us that way. But if they perceive us to be strong and wealthy then they will treat us that way. The Responsibility of Barack Obama is to prove to the world that Yes in spite of us fighting two wars and our economy in recession that we are still the Number One Super Power in the World. The perception around the world is that we are losing our grasp to that title with the enormous amount of money that we owe other countries particularly China.

We can't AFFORD another conflict in the world. Especially since Russia has created a strong relationship with Venezuela's President Chavez. Lets face it we don't have a lot of friend out there that are willing to go to war with us against China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. I know I am leaving out a lot of other nations but these are the major ones at this time. Not to mention Pakistan and India on the brink of WAR! I will say again we can't AFFORD another conflict around the world.

We have to work out some kind agreement with Iran. No more of this dumb Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran foolishness. Like the President Elect said we need Strong Diplomacy with Iran. We must let them know what we have to offer in exchange for their cooperation. We can help them by removing all those DUMB sanctions that only hurt the citizens of the country not the high powered officials. Lets do business with them. Money does cure a lot of problems. And we must at least entertain the option of Iran creating their own nuclear power plants. Lets face it they want Nuclear Power!

It isn't our right to deny them anything. Yes we must protect our national interest but it is against our national interest to get involved in another war that could lead to World War 3! I believe that with or without our involvement they will have nuclear power so we might as well make sure that they use it responsibly. The only nation that has ever used a nuclear weapon is us. Lets all remember that. We aren't the only ones that have them, but we are the only ones that has EVER USED THEM!

If they insist on a creating a Nuclear Bomb like North Korea did then we should impose so kind of sanctions but NO TALK OF WAR! The talk of war only makes situations worse. I don't believe they want war with us. BUSH is the one that started this nasty situation by calling them EVIL. He is the ONLY EVIL ONE HERE LETS GET THAT CLEAR RIGHT NOW. He has some DAMN NERVE. We must open a dialogue with Iran. I believe that Obama's Carrots and Sticks strategy is a good start to having real diplomacy with Iran.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama's National Security DREAM TEAM!

Barack Obama has announced his National Security Team:

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady, will serve as Secretary of State.

Secretary Robert Gates, the current Secretary of Defense, will continue to serve in that role.

Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General and a former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, will serve as Attorney General.

Janet Napolitano, Governor and former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, will serve as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Susan E. Rice, a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Obama for America campaign, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, will serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret), former Allied Commander, Europe, and Commander of the United States European Command, will serve as National Security Advisor.

This announcement gives me a lot of confidence in his ability to manage and lead. Although I am a "Card Caring Member of Liberal Left" I respect Barack Obama's decision to place people with many different views and opinions in his cabinet. That is the kind of leadership we need right now. I do believe he has a responsibility to the American People to be the President of the WHOLE United States not just the Left Wing or the Right wing.

With that being said he also must not forget what wing of the country got him elected. The Progressive Movement went above and beyond the call of duty, spending a lot of their time and money to see STRONG PROGRESSIVES get elected so that they can PUSH for Strong Progressive Policies that will benefit the Country as a whole not just the Progressive Wing. I believe that this is what Barack Obama will do. He will hear EVERYONE out, but he will be the one setting the AGENDA not his advisers or cabinet members. So, I say to all my fellow Liberals and Progressives, it really doesn't matter if he has a whole Team of Progressives (Although that wouldn't be a bad thing). What matters is that WE make sure that his administration sticks to the promises they made to PUSH For STRONG PROGRESSIVE Policies. That is our responsiblity as American citizens to hold our elected officials accountable.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

W.E.B. Du Bois's Dream has Came True!

The Historic election of President Elect Barack Obama is a dream come true. The Dream of so many African American leaders through out the course of history. Many people believe that his Victory is the embodiment of Martin Luther King's dream. I agree, but before King this was the dream of another Great African American Leader: W.E.B. DuBois.

Arguably the Greatest African American of his time, W.E.B. DuBois was the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN to gain a PhD from Harvard. Co Founder of the NAACP, DuBois lead the fight for Civil Rights, and Social Equality in every walk of life. He believed that the only thing holding back most African Americans was White Prejudice. His FIGHT was to put an end to Racism and Social Inequality. He is regarded as one of the brightest men of his era.

He rejected the notion that African American were inferior and in fact he himself proved that we weren't inferior by his many accomplishments. He challenged African Americans to get an Education. He believed as did Booker T. Washington that education was the TRUE EQUALIZER. They differed about what do with the education once you got it. Booker T. Washington believed that education was important in the sense that we had to prove to Whites that we had the ability to do the same jobs they were doing through hard work and determination.

W.E.B. DuBois argued that we should take our education and use it as a tool to advance Civil Rights, political and social issues such as equal rights and the end to Jim Crow laws put in place after Reconstruction. He believed that the "Talented Tenth" of the African American population (those educated African American Elite) had a obligation to see to the advancement of the African American Community as a whole including social reform and seeking political offices. He believed that The Talented Tenth should be Vocal Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.

Barack Obama is one of those Talented Tenth. Also a Harvard Grad, Barack Obama was the First African American President of the Law Review a very huge accomplishment. Like DuBois, Obama inspires and urges African Americans to get a education and to be active in their communities. W.E.B. DuBois would have been very proud of Barack Obama. Although we as a people still have a long way to go having Barack Obama as a True Leader that we all can look up will only speed up that process.

Martin Luthur King Jr. wrote of DuBois, "History cannot ignore W.E.B. DuBois because history has to reflect truth and Dr. DuBois was a tireless explorer and a gifted discoverer of social truths. His singular greatness lay in his quest for truth about his own people. There were very few scholars who concerned themselves with honest study of the black man and he sought to fill this immense void. The degree to which he succeeded disclosed the great dimensions of the man."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Bailout or Not Bailout? That is the Question

The current economic situation has every politician and economist pulling out there hair and spending a lot of long late nights trying to figure out what is the best solution. At first all the economist where saying that if we didn't pass this bailout for the financial industry that the whole economy would fold up and collapse. Well they passed it and things really haven't changed much. It didn't give anyone any more confidence in the economy plus it puts us in deeper debt. Republicans who are suppose to be for "Small Government" have just increased the size of government.

Now the idea of a bailout isn't totally a bad idea, I just don't like the way they are going about it. Financial Institutions don't produce any tangible goods. They only sell PAPER. Giving them more money really doesn't help create jobs. And it doesn't necessarily mean that they will start lending money again. The problem with the bailout is easily summed up in this analogy. Pretend you are a recovering drug addict the last thing you need to be around are drugs. So if someone kept giving you drugs you would more than likely abuse them. It is the same way with bail out. George BUSH was right when he said that "Wall Street got DRUNK" but now we are paying the price. We can't continue to give money to companies that are failing just to keep them from failing. They are failing for a reason. They have ran their companies into the ground. If you want talk about capitalism and socialism well this bail out is the biggest example of Socialism that I can think of. I am oppose to the notion that banks don't have enough money to lend money. PLEASE! I think the whole thing was a little bit overstated. They are just taking advantage of the situation.

Now the Auto Industry wants a handout. I don't want to see millions of people lose their jobs. But I don't want the UNIONS to continue to have a strangle hold on Manufacturing in the North East. I know that at one time Unions served a really good purpose. But now their time has passed. They need to have a far less significant role in the Auto Industry. The need to renegotiate there contracts. It is crazy for someone to make 25 dollars an hour sweeping floors, when there are people with 4 Year degrees that don't even make that much. We have to get control of labor cost. Unskilled and uneducated labor shouldn't be able to make more than someone who busted their ASS and got a education just because they are a member of a UNION. I don't want to blame this totally on the unions. FORD, GM, Chrysler all had a role to play in the demise of the auto industry. They should pay a price. They under estimated the strength of there competition. Toyota, Nissan, and many other foreign owned and operated Auto companies are out performing the Big 3. They are using simple economics to do it. They are controlling their cost allowing them to have a slightly higher profit margin. They can sell a car for the same price as FORD, GM, Chrysler but are making more money on the sell be cost of the lower cost of manufacturing. At this rate the Big 3 will go out of business. Do they need help? Yes! Should we give them a blank check? NO! They have to promise to make MAJOR CHANGES IN THE WAY THEY DO BUSINESS OR THEY WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS. It is in their best interest to do everything in their power to stay afloat.

To make a long story short Yes we should help Ford, GM, Chrysler if we are going to help the Financial Institutions. But we can't give anyone of them a blank check. We need oversight. If we are going to invest in companies that sell PAPER and IOUs, we should invest in companies that manufacture goods and create jobs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama Promises "Immediate Action" On The Economy

Isn't is refreshing to know that we have a man in the White House that truly cares about the American People and has our best interest in mind. Over the last 8 years we have had a president that has always catered to the Rich and Wealthy. Now we have a President Elect that will look after the Poor and The Middle Class. Just the other day BUSH said that we shouldn't give up on FREE TRADE.


Why? Free Trade has contributed to sending millions of Jobs overseas. It is time to give up on some elements of free trade. We can't give tax breaks to companies that GO OVERSEAS! That has to end. We can allow CHEAP CHINESE GOODS to continue to come in to this country while we can't sell our goods in China as easily as they can sell their goods here. Barack Obama has a strategy that will work. We just have to continue to support him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small Government , Less Taxes and The Truth about Redistribution of Wealth

“ Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth… I pledge myself to a New Deal for the American people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms. ”Franklin Roosevelt (1932)

FDR was President of the United States during a Time when the American People Needed their Government more than they ever had before. It was a time of serious, economic and financial crisis. Almost every industrial and business sector was affected. The Dollar was almost worthless. Unemployment was over 25%. People could barely afford the basic necessities. The American People were hurting and FDR felt their pain and provided STRONG PROGRESSIVE SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS. He didn't just give speeches he had answers. THE NEW DEAL!

He rejected the Idea of Small Government, and Deregulation. He rejected the Idea of Cutting Taxes for BIG BUSINESS, which only increases the burden for the middle class. He rejected the Idea of the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Staying Poor. He rejected the Idea that only those who could afford Health Care were the ones who deserved it. He rejected the Idea that Government isn't suppose to solve problems. He rejected the Idea that Big Business should operate anyway the want without Government Oversight. He Rejected Conservative Ideas that got us into the Depression.

He understood that Government does have a role to play and it should have a positive, meaningful, progressive affect on the country. What is the Job of our Government? I sometimes ask myself to the Republican actually know what Governments role is.

For years the Republican Party has said they are for Small Government, Less Taxes and Putting a end to the So Called "Welfare State" created by FDR in the 30's. They have considered the New Deal as a RAW DEAL! They have fought against the New Deal ever since it was started. The truth is over the last 60 years since World War II we have been redistributing the Wealth. We have been taking it from the POOR and giving it to the RICH.

In fact most of the New Deal programs had ended during World War II. The Republican Conservative Coalition put a end to many of the banking reform laws, emergency relief programs, and work relief programs. The ones they didn't STOP in the 40's and 50's they managed to eliminate in the 70's and 80's. But many programs and policies remain, including the repeal of Prohibition, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Social Security System and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Republican Party is on the wrong side of history again. Can someone actually explain to how "Small Government" actually helps working class citizens? Can someone tell me how cutting Government Social Programs and Decreasing Government Revenue actually help working class citizens? These are all policies that the GOP embrace. Why? Because the GOP is for Big Government! These policies that I just mentioned only help BIG BUSINESS. Yet they continue to support these failed Ideas! It is clear that after this election the Majority of the People have rejected Conservative ideas and policies. They have made up their mind that Progressive ideas and policies are what is best for this county. All you have to do is examine history. Learn form the mistakes me made in the 1920's, and examine the Progressive Steps FDR took to clean of the mess that conservatives made.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What Obama's Foreign Policy Should Be

A lot has been written about the Bush Administration over the last 8years. Many have questioned his response after 911, the War in Iraq, and Afghanistan. His economic policy Less Taxes for the Rich and Less Jobs for the Middle Class. Free Trade Policies that make it easier to ship jobs overseas, thus threatening our economy and killing job growth. His total lack of concern for the poor and disenfranchised. His no child left behind policy left thousands behind because of the lack of funding. His out right denial to give funding to states and local governments that have been picking up the slack for the Administration mistakes. And lets makes no mistake about it this Administrations has placed this country on the brink of another World War, another Great Depression, and at the Very Least another Cold War With Russia. Just how have we fallen so far so fast in just a short period of 8years? How have we allowed this countries economy to be on the verge of collapse and be bogged down into Long Wars? The answer is clear. Our FOREIGN POLICY OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS WAS A JOKE, TO PUT IT QUITE FRANKLY!

It is clear the last 8years have been hell. Just imagine 4 more just like it. WOW! I am glad we chose President Elect Barack Obama. But the single biggest mistake was the notion of unilateralism. The Idea that U.S. doesn't need other countries to get things done in the world. The "Go It Alone" strategy. The BUSH DOCTRINE OF UNILATERAL, PREEMPTIVE WAR against anyone at anytime. The Great Woodrow Wilson was an Isolationist. He really didn't want to get involved in World Affairs. When World War I happened he did everything in his power to keep the United States form entering the War. When it was clear that war was inevitable he decided that he would PUSH for a League of Nations that would work to promote World Peace to keep something like another World War from happening. The Opposition Party at the Time (Republicans) were totally against it. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and didn't have the energy to fight for the League of Nations. His dream failed.

The Leaders around the World all were in favor of the League of Nations. The only one that opposed was the United States. How Ironic. If the League of Nations would have been passed many believe that World War II would have NEVER HAPPENED. Another Democrat (FDR) had the vision to realize that Woodrow Wilson was right and something like a League of Nations was needed. With FDR, Winston Churchill, and Joesph Stalin, the United Nations was passed. You see we LEAD THAT EFFORT. Stalin wasn't really in favor of it but we convinced him to go along with it.

But My point is we need the other nations in the world. We can't just sit out here on a Island and do our own thing. The Rest of the World isn't going to wait for ever for us to lead. Soon they will grow tired and look for that Leadership somewhere else. Could it be China? Could It be The European Union? Could it be Russia? IT HAS TO BE US! IT NEEDS TO BE US! We are the only nation that has what it takes to lead the world in these very difficult times. Never since World War II has our leadership been need more in the world. We can't allow the agents of intolerance to succeed in further dividing this great country and the world. Unity is what is needed now.

There are clear and well defined challenges that President Elect Barack Obama will face on January 20. Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba. Not to mention our Foreign Trade Policy it needs SERIOUS OVERHAUL IN ORDER TO PROTECT OUR ECONOMY. We have some very serious situations to deal with. Thank God we have a man that can deal with world leaders instead of THREATEN AND INTIMIDATE WORLD LEADERS.

I don't see one issue that is out there that President Elect Barack Obama isn't capable of dealing with. He has the temperament to handle any situation. As for Russia. He should meet FACE TO FACE with the Russia President Dimitri Medevedev, IMMEDIATELY! I don't believe the Missile defense Program that BUSH wanted was a good idea and I wouldn't risk worsening relations with Russia to get it don't. I don't believe it is something that President Elect Barack Obama will fight him over or should waist time fighting him over. We should be clear to Medevedev that we don't want him in the Western Hemisphere in exchange for us dropping the Missile Defense. Right Now Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela are doing a lot of back door dealing. I don't like. It is smart for them to do so, but it really isn't in our best interest for them to be so close. We need to be in the middle of the talks and get a idea of what is going on. I am tired of having so many enemies lets have PEACE.

Diplomacy is about give and take. Negotiations are about give and take. We shouldn't put PRE CONDITIONS on anyone. We hear their side, and they hear our side. We find out what they are willing to give up. They find out what we are willing to give up. We don't hold all the cards we shouldn't act like we do. We don't need to come to the table in a position of weakness but we can't act like KING KONG either. We are not nearly as strong in the World as we once were. We need to RE-Build Our World Reputation. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, didn't agree on much. But all three agreed that for this World to have peace that it started with them. The Three Most Powerful men in the world. If they couldn't come together just imagine the world now. You think things are bad now. They had way more serious issues to address and they did it by working together. Diplomacy.

FDR, Churchill needed Stalin. Together they made Woodrow Wilson's dream a reality. My vision is for World Leaders to come together in the same way that the Founders of the United Nations intended, not to plan wars, and more wars but to plan Peace. Barack Obama can do just that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

If I was one of Barack Obama's Advisors

If I had the privilege to serve our 44Th President I would remind him that this country is in pain right now. We can't forget about what Governments main Job should be to Protect the People of the United States. Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness, Protecting the American Dream.

My advice is real simple. All Barack Obama needs to do is "Stick To His Promises" to push Strong Progressive Policies. He needs to involve the opposition party (Republicans) somewhat but he doesn't have to do what they say. President Elect Barack Obama Needs To Lead From The Center Left. This Election Proves that this Country is a Center Left Country. If the Republicans don't want to cooperate with him all he has to do is call them Out PUBLICLY BY NAME and let the American People know who are the one's opposing Progress and why.

He has won a clear Mandate from the American People to do what he feels is necessary to fix this country. If the Republicans don't want to play they can sit on the side-lines and let the Democratic Party clean up George Bushes MESS.

First order of Business should be the Economy. The Country needs another Economic Stimulus Plan, but much bigger than the one Bush got passed. This is the single biggest issue he will face as soon as he is sworn in as President. He has almost enough votes necessary to get what he wants done.

Next He needs to address the Trade Balance. We are Importing more goods than we are exporting. We Need to eliminate Trade Deals that HURT JOB GROWTH IN AMERICA. Protecting our economy and making it harder for Companies to send Jobs overseas should be near the top of his to do list. Third, ENDING THE WAR IN IRAQ. We are spending 10 Billions dollars a month in Iraq. That money could go to other programs. Barack Obama was elected mainly because so many people are against this war and want it to come to a end. The People believe That Barack Obama was the only candidate that was SERIOUS about ending the WAR.

Last of all Barack Needs to Re-Build our reputation around the world. The World is watching and waiting for the U.S. To LEAD. To do that we don't need to bully people to do what we want. We should lead by example. We should show the world what REAL Leadership is. But we have to communicate to them that we can't do it without them. John McCain would have been a good President. I really believe that. But Barack Obama will be a GREAT PRESIDENT! And that is what this Country needs right now.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Wins North Carolina, but What does that Mean?

Barack Obama has won the State of North Carolina. It is a very important moment in World History. This means that Barack Obama carries two of the biggest Southern States, Virginia, and North Carolina. This Means that Barack Obama has a mandate from the American People. He doesn't have to PLAY TO THE MIDDLE OR THE RIGHT! He can pass Strong Progressive Policies because that is what the VAST Majority of the people want. The days of Democrats being Bully by the Conservative Right is over.

The Congressional Conservatives need to KNOW THEIR ROLE! Because if they misplay their hand they could find themselves in a even bigger hole in 2010, and 2012. I am not saying this to be funny this is the truth. I never believed that the country was CENTER RIGHT! I always believed that the Country was CENTER LEFT. We just allowed the NEOCONS to decieve us into believing that their way was the best way. Most of the Country were like sheep and blindly followed them. This election has opened everyones eyes. We all know now what the NeoCON Party was all about. The question is what are they going to do to recover from this defeat.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama wins the 2008 Presidential Election

Barack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election. I can't believe it. I have always thought that it was possible but until it happened I just wouldn't let myself believe. Even with Barack Obama leading in almost all the polls I still wouldn't let myself believe. Will somebody pinch me!!!!

The Obama Campaign had ran a near Perfect Campaign. He challenged John McCain in almost every battleground state. He never bought into the notion that there were Red States, or Blue States. His campaign honesty believed that they could compete and they would compete. They had a better Idea of where the country was at than John McCain. John McCain's vision of America is just that a vision. It wasn't reality. Barack Obama had a pretty good Idea that the American People was ready for Change.

This is the Biggest election in WORLD HISTORY! This Election Proves that anything is possible. Barack Obama has promised to bridge the Racial Divide. His Leadership is what this Country needs at this time in our history.

Now we must continue to STAY INVOLVED IN POLITICS AT ALL LEVELS. We must take this mandate and use it a tool to get very important legislation passed that will improve all of our lives. I will continue to be the Liberal Voice in my community! I will continue to show people what a Strong African American Man is and What I am about! We must continue to change the political map. This is a huge victory for the Progressive Movement. I am so excited about where this country is going and about the opportunity that we have to really change this country.

Barack Obama has empowered us all to act. We must act. We can't just be happy with this victory. We must seize the moment. Barack CAN'T DO IT ALONE. He needs STRONG FOLLOWERS BE HIND HIM. I will be one of those followers and I hope to lead others so WE CAN BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE THAT BARACK OBAMA PROMISES.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Fight Against Non-Partisan Elections

My fight is against The Lenoir County, NC Republican Parties Ballot Measure to Lie, Cheat, and STEAL City Government Positions through the Non-Partisan Elections City Charter Amendment.

All across the Country the Republican Party are facing the possibility of Huge losses on every political level. As a last resort to Obtain Power a local Republican Politician from Lenoir County, Former NC House District 10 Rep. Stephen LaRoque has gained enough signed petitions so that he could place a City Charter Amendment Referendum on the Ballot.

LaRoque himself acknowledge that Kinston has been dominated by Democrats in a quote on the Lenoir County GOP website ( ). This Amendment would END Partisan Elections for the City Council and Mayor.

His Desire is to nullify the Power of Democratic Majority. The City is MAJORITY DEMOCRAT. The City has a Democrat as the Mayor and a Majority Democratic City Council. The Republicans feel that if they continue to run as REPUBLICANS they will continue to lose. The Only way for them to win any seats is to run as independent which calls for you to run a successful petition drive to have your name placed on the ballot or to make it where Party Affiliation isn't required to show on the Ballot. He is a Smart and Devious Politician who will stop at nothing to GAIN POWER.

This is a VERY DIRTY TRICK. Most Democrats in this City would never vote for a Republican under any circumstance. Former NC Rep Laroque knows this. I believe LaRoque is positioning himself for a Run at the Mayors Office in the event that he Loses his run for NC House District 10 against incumbent Van Braxton a Democrat. He knows that being a Republican he would never win the office of Mayor of Kinston, due Kinstons large Democrat Majority.

Braxton took his seat 2 years ago and is poised to hold on to his seat this year. They would rather Deceive the Public than just switch their Party affiliation. You see what they are banking on is that Most people don't really know what most of the candidates for a lot of Low level offices stand for because most of them don't run ads or campaign at all. ALL THEY KNOW IS THAT PERSON IS DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN. Most people have a very good Idea of what being a Democrat or a Republican is. So even if you don't know that person or what he or she may stand for by have Democrat or Republican beside their name you at least know that they support most of what the Democratic or Republican Platform stands for. Plus getting rid of Partisan Elections would end the Local Primary Election Process. Meaning that anyone would be able to just put their name on the ballot. The Republicans are hoping that if they run enough Republicans for a particular seat that their odds of winning the seat would increase.

For years the Republican Party has seen their grip on power in the city decrease. People all over the country have REJECTED REPUBLICAN RULE. Their Failed Ideas and Policies have left this country in ruin. Through it all the American People have pressed on in the face of a Economy in Recession and our Position in the World diminished. We can't allow the Republican Political Strategist to Lie, Cheat & STEAL more and more Offices Big, or Small.

I will be at 3 Voting Precincts passing out fliers telling Voters to Vote NO on the Non-Partisan Ballot Referendum.

I strongly suggest that the entire Progressive Movement find a Ballot Measure in your home town, city, county or state and fight for Strong Progressive Ideas.( Lets defend Democracy and Take our Country Back.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Is Changing the Electoral Map

Dark BLUE Strong Dem (264)
Light BLUE Weak Dem (47)
Blue Outline Barely Dem (53)
White Exactly tied (3)
Red Outline Barely GOP (29)
Pink Weak GOP (24)
Dark Red Strong GOP (118)

With only days left in this Race for the White House Barack Obama seems to have what appears to be an insurmountable lead. All the Polls and Pundits have Barack winning this Race. John McCain has has been written off, his campaign appears to be in disarray. Sarah Palin is positioning her self as the New Leader of the What is Left of the Republican Party. While John McCain is trying to go out with a little of his honor and dignity intact.

But wait. We all need to take a deep breath and wait just a second. Lets not forget who we are dealing with. We are dealing with the most corrupt administration since Richard Nixon. We can't just assume that BUSH and his Cronies are going to have some say in this election. They are pretty good at stealing elections. What makes anyone think that they want try and steal this election for John McCain? Sure he isn't the classic NeoCON, but he did drink the Kool-Aid and he has been carrying the water for them over the last 8years. He has VOTED WITH BUSH OVER 90% of the time this is out of his own mouth. It would not be in The Republicans best interest to see BARACK OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, & HARRY REID running things in Washington. Trust me this is TRULY one of their biggest FEARS! They will pull out EVERY LITTLE TRICK IN THE BOOK in the next 4 days to insure that They STEAL this election for John McCain.

So the question is how do we prevent this form happening?q We need to be at the polls. We need to educate as voters as we can. I know that as soon as I get off work I am going to the Voting Precinct and I am letting MY VOICE BE HEARD. I have already voted, but there are many that haven't and they prefer to vote during election day. That's Fine. But we must make sure they know all the little tricks that these Republicans have up their sleeve.

Also there will be a lot of Referendums on ballots all across the country. Each County, and City has critical Referendums on the ballot. We need to make sure we know which one apply to our District and that we educate the voters about each one. Alot of times they try to slide these referendums by us without us knowing anything about them. They will say vote Yes for such and such. We must not just vote for something without knowing what it is about. Take time to educate voters about these Referendums it is very important.

This race isn't over yet and we don't need to act like it is. Things do look good right now but that can all change from now to Nov. 4th.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In case you missed it, The Barack Obama Infomercial (VIDEO)

Barack made the case for electing him the next President of the United States last night in a 30 minute infomercial. Barack Obama connected with voters, and laid out clear coherent vision for America. His focus was on middle America. Struggling families trying to make ends meet. He focused on how jobs have been sent overseas, and how the elderly can't retire with dignity and they have to get a job because they can't live of their retirement or social security. He focused on the outrageous cost of health care and how it is crippling our country. And he focused on education and the importance of affordable college education. Barack Obamas message was well produced and well written. I believe any person who watched the video would come to the conclusion that this guy understands what working families go through and that he is ready to be President on day one! And that was his over all message.

What I noticed and I'm sure that most of you will notice is that he never mention John McCain, or George Bush. It was almost like he is trying to use some kind of mind control and make it seem like the other guy doesn't exist or is Irrelevant. John McCain had to notice this and he most be thinking what am I chop liver! I am glad that he didn't mention John McCain. Why should he? John McCain has ran the dirtiest campaign in recent history. Why validate John McCain by mentioning him?

They American People are ready to MOVEON! We are tired of the same of politics as usual it is time for CHANGE. Barack Obama represents that change. He is the embodiment of all our deepest hopes and dreams. He represents that hunger and desire to make this country better and to change the world. He has motivate a whole generation of voters to act. Win or LOSE, America will be better because of the spirited campaign that Barack Obama has ran. He has shown the OLD GUARD how to run a clean campaign that FOCUSES ON THE TRUTH, and on the Issues.

BUT, it isn't over yet. We need to continue to spread the Message of this Power Progressive Movement that Barack Obama is a part of. Because of the Power of this Movement we will come close to 60 VOTES in the Senate. We will solidify our control over The House. We will gain key Governor offices. General Assemblies across the country will be turned BLUE OVERNIGHT on November 4th. City Councils across the Country will be transformed by the Power of this Movement. We will usher in Mayors in alot of the Cities and Towns across the Country.

You see, the country has rejected NeoConservatism. Republican party is in retreat! NeoCons are fighting with Moderates over what will be left of a very weak and defeated Republican party. We are watching the End of the Imperialist, Fascist, Regime of George BUSH. While he is leaving office he is taking down the republican party with him. They have nobody to blame but themselves for the path that they have taken this country with its failed policies. Conservatism is dead. Liberalism is alive and STRONG!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John McCain & George Bush: The UnHoly Alliance, the True Axis of Evil

John McCain is EXACTLY LIKE GEORGE BUSH on every Major Issue. John McCain supported George BUSHES War In Iraq. John McCain Supports the Bush tax cuts for THE RICH. John McCain SUPPORTS The Bush Doctrine of Unilateralism around the World and Preemptive Strikes against enemies.

John McCain Say's for SMALL GOVERNMENT but he has supported 4 out of 5 of George Bushes Budget Proposals which has drastically INCREASED THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. John McCain SUPPORTED THE PATRIOT ACT that takes our rights away from and allows WARRANT LESS WIRE TAPPING. Like MOST Republicans John McCain against Roe V. Wade and favors a constitutional BAN on Gay Marriage.

The John McCain Economic Policy is no Different from George Bushes. TAX CUT FOR THE RICH, SENDING MORE JOBS OVERSEAS, MORE FREE TRADE DEALS THAT CLOSE PLANTS IN THE U.S. UNRESTRICTED OFF-SHORE DRILLING THAT WOULD KILL OUR ENVIRONMENT AND INCREASE OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOSSIL FUELS. On Social Programs of Course all they talk about is CUT Spending. WELL, a large portion of "Government Spending" is on Social Programs. "CUT SPENDING" has always been NeoCON Code for CUTTING PROGRAMS, and taking that money and giving it to BIG BUSINESS. Increasing the BURDEN of State and local governments. Many of our state and local governments are in LARGE DEBT thanks to George BUSH and John McCain's policies.

Just how is John McCain Different from George Bush. Well he is older, and a lot grayer. His wife is a little RICHER! He is a lot sicker looking. I give George Bush Credit, at least win George Bush ran he had a consistent message. Tax and Spend Liberal(Which Really ain't going to work this time because so many of us have been hearing that over, and over, and over again over the last 2 election.)

John McCain claims to be a Maverick but as Joe Biden said in Greenville, NC Monday John McCain has been a "Side Kick" over the last 8years. John McCain use to be a Maverick in 2000. BUT! I think that lost in 2000 changed John McCain for the WORST. He sold his SOUL to the NEOCONS just to win the Election. How Pathetic.

A distinguished WAR HERO has SOILED his reputation, thrown away his career, and yes compromised his own Character by siding with Such low lives as Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George Bush. He drank the Kool-Aid he carried the water. He held the NeoCON banner all in hopes of gaining the ultimate power of the Presidency. He relentless ambition is crystal clear. I want stand by and watch this county fall deeper in to NeoConservatism. I have seen what NeoConservative Ideas have done to our Great Country. I will continue to speak out to anyone that reads this blog, or that I see on a daily basis that John McCain isn't he war hero that everyone gives him credit for being. He is a POWER HUNGRY POLITICIAN that has always had his eyes set on the White House.

George Bush Endorses John McCain: If It Feels Good, Do It! - Click here for another funny movie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Vote For Change Rally with Joe Biden at ECU in Greenville NC

Delaware Senator and VP Candidate Joe Biden did not disappoint the Crowd today at East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC. Joe Biden laid out their for the country in a clear and coherent way. He reiterated that they plan to give a tax CUT to 95% of Americans and he also mentioned that Health Care is right. He mention that he and Barack Obama plan to make College education affordable. Joe Biden also criticized the way the FAR RIGHT has been campaigning this Election Season. He said that John McCain is trying to put on Halloween Costume posing as an Agent of Change. Of course the Crowd ate it up. The Rally was a HUGE SUCCESS.

The Rally was all about GETTING OUT THE EARLY VOTE. Even though I know that things look good right now we can't let up. We have to keep pushing to everyone we know to get out the EARLY VOTE. If you can't vote early JUST VOTE PERIOD. Come November 5th I don't want to be thinking that we could have done more. Or I should have done more. We can't let the Republicans (NeoCONs) steal this ELECTION.

We also need to get involved at all levels. City Council, County Commissioners, Local Boards, Mayors, State House, State Senate, US House, US Senate, Governors and of course the Presidency. In every state their are local leaders that need our support and our vote. We can't just think about the White House and Congress. Change begins at ALL LEVELS. Barack Obama himself was a State Senator just a few years ago and now he with a lot of help from the American People will be The Next President. We have to pay close attention to what Our Local Leaders say and do. Who knows they could be running for a major National Level office someday. A couple of North Carolina's finest were speakers at today's rally.

US House of Representative NC District 1 Rep. G.K. Butterfeild Revs up the Crowd giving a strong speech that resonated with the fairly large crowd at ECU.

Snow Hill, NC Mayor Don Davis gives the opening statement and prayer. Don Davis is an up and coming politician in Eastern North Carolina and soon I believe he will gain National Recognition. He is in a hard campaign for the NC Senate District 5 seat.

Darius Dontrell Hall (My Son D.D.) shows his support for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I believe it is important to involve our children in the Political Process at a very early age. D.D. is 4.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liberals v/s CONservatives: A War of Ideas

Over the last 8years the War Between Liberals and CONservatives has escalated. Conservatives have been in power 6 out of the last 8 years. Their Ideas and Policies have devastated this country. In times of economic crisis the Leaders of the Conseratives have only given excuses as to why things are they way they are instead of giving us answers to solve the problems we all Face. And through it all President Bush has sat there with that DUMB look on his face like Don't worry I got this all under control.

Conservative Leadership has gotten us in TWO WARs, an Economy on the brink of Depression, and a Country is Deeply Divided along Party Lines, Racial Lines, and Ideological Lines. The Republican Party has lost their VOICE. The Democratic Party has FOUND its VOICE! The Country is Ready for CHANGE, while the Republicans are trying to HOLD ON TO POWER! There is a clear Choice RIGHT or LEFT!

Right now the Republican Party really doesn't have an Idea of where they want to take the country, so one would have to assume that they would pretty much stay on the same course that we are on now. While Democrats have laid out a very clear course:

On Domestic issues: Universal Health Care is a RIGHT! Affordable College Education is a RIGHT! We Need a Government that CARES for the Weak and Poor, not the Wall Street Fat Cats. We need to Invest in our communities and Public Schools, not vouchers for Private Schools. Liberals don't want more Abortions, but they don't want to deny Women The Right To chose. Liberals Believe that if you are Homosexual you should have the SAME rights as some one how is Heterosexual. That includes Marriage. These are Issues that CONservatives could careless about.

On Economic Issues: We need JOBS! The best thing for any Countries economic Growth, is Job Growth. And NOT JOBS AT WAL-MART. We need our Manufacturing Jobs to come back. The only way for those Jobs to come back is to make it HARDER for Companies to set up SHOP overseas. We CAN'T COMPETE WITH CHEAP CHINESE, VIETNAMESE, INDIAN, and South Korean LABOR. We need to PENALIZE any company that MOVES overseas and TAX THE HELL out of any company or Country that wants to SELL THEIR CHEAP GOODS in the United States of America. At least until they can comply with the Same Industrial standards that we do in the United States.

We shouldn't be Giving Money to Companies who SELL MONEY! It only will hurt the Value of our dollar. We give anyone money it should be the Fords, The GMs. Companies that ACTUALLY MAKE SOMETHING so they can pay their employees instead of laying off their employees. Contrary to what a lot of people believe if people had better JOBS they wouldn't be getting foreclosed on. That would help the Banks better than just giving them BLANK checks. Give some money to people so they can CATCH UP ON THEIR MORTGAGE.

On Foreign Policy: They only way for the United States to feel safe in the World is to STOP PISSING OFF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. If you KILL thousands of Iraqi Citizens in the Name of DEMOCRACY guess what, Democracy is the last thing they would want. We need to be able to SIT DOWN WITH ANYONE AND LET THEM KNOW JUST WHAT THE UNITED STATES STANDS FOR. Not this We don't talk to people we don't agree with BULL SHIT! Diplomacy is all about talking to people we don't agree with so we can come to some kind of agreement. The Notion of Unilateralism is STUPID. It is something the NEOCONs invented to start wars with out the consent of the International Community. The Great Woodrow Wilson had a idea for a League of Nations so that we would never again be involved in another World War. His Dream was realized when we help Found the United Nations after World War II. Had we listened to Woodrow Wilson then maybe THE HOLOCAUST Never would have happened. We can't abandon our Responsibility as the Worlds Leading Super Power. BUT we can ABUSE THAT POWER. In the last 8 years we have ABUSE THAT POWER. And the World Community has REJECTED OUR FAILED LEADERSHIP. We need to repair our relationship with other World Leaders and EARN BACK our REPUTATION AS THE LEADING SUPERPOWER IN THE WORLD.

The NeoCON Republican Party has only SHOWN the World just a glimpse of what they are Capable of. We can't allow 4 more years of the BUSH Administrations FAILED POLICIES. I honestly Believe that John McCain Represents George Bushes THIRD TERM. And if John McCain is elected his ERRATIC LEADERSHIP WOULD PROBABLY LEAD US TO WORLD WAR 3.

The NeoCON Propaganda Machine has done a great job of RACE BAITING and trying to sew the Seeds of DIVISION and HATE. They have been trying to suggest that being Liberal is some kind of DIRTY WORD. I say NAY!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Early! Vote Now!

With Just 12 more days until the Election the Early Voting has begun. I Voted as soon as I could. I couldn't wait. I actually took a picture of my "Historic Vote". This is the most important election in the History of Democracy. The Nation is at a cross roads. We can go Right (GOD, GUNS, GAYS, Less Jobs, More Wars)or we can go Left (EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, Fair Trade, Good Jobs, More Jobs, Less Wars) The Beautiful thing about Democracy is that WE THE PEOPLE GET TO DECIDE. We decide which way this country is going to go. BUT! There are forces out there that DON'T WANT US TO VOTE. There are FORCES out there that are trying to STEAL OUR VOTE. There are FORCES out there that are trying to SUPPRESS OUR VOTE. We can't let this happen.

Martin Luther King did not Fight and Died for our Right To vote just to have the NeoCON Republicans take it away from us.

The Political Powers have always sought ways to "Control Election". Joseph Stalin once said that Voters Don't Decide Elections its the one Counting the Votes. The Republicans have always been in the Minority. The Majority of the country have long since rejected Republican Ideals, BUT! They have USED Voter Suppression to Control who's vote actually counts. They try their best to discourage Voters from voting. And when that doesn't work they try to Disqualify voters from Voting.

We can't sit on the fence in this year. We thought that Al Gore was a "Sure Thing" to win the Presidency. We thought that "There was No Way John Kerry would lose given the fact that the country was against this war. Right Now Barack is leading in the Polls, BUT the Polls don't count. The only thing that Counts is the Actual Electoral College VOTE COUNT! We can't rely on polls. The polls have proven us wrong to many times. We have to be active, we have to VOTE EARLY, VOTE NOW! We have to encourage others to early vote. I don't want to be thinking on November 5 that I could have done more. That I could have reached more people.

If your not registered. Register (preferable Register Democrat). You Can still Register in some states. You can go to and find Valuable information on the whole process. In my state of North Carolina you can Register and Vote on the SAME DAY, up until I believe Nov. 1. There is no excuse. There is no time like the present.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Passion Of Palin

Sarah Palin is by far the biggest Gamble in Presidential Campaign History. John McCain had been struggling all summer to get attention to his campaign. Barack Obama coming off a very hard fought Primary with Hillary Clinton came out of the Primary STRONGER. Leading John McCain in all the polls. Going into the Democratic Convention, the two candidates were virtually neck and neck. Barack Obama chose Joe Biden, someone that could help him govern in a time of crisis. Someone that could give him the Foreign policy experience that he lacked. The Democrats ROCKED the Convention with OVER 80,000 people in the MILE HIGH STADIUM!

Almost every Political Pundit and Political Operatives thought that there was nothing John McCain could do to OVERTURN the Momentum that The Obama Campaign had coming out of the convention. Then It happened. I remember like was yesterday. John McCain came out on a Friday announcing that Sarah Palin was going to be his Vice Presidential Candidate. I was Like Sarah WHO. Nobody knew who the HELL she was.

Just when the John McCain's campaign seemed like they were up against the ropes Sarah Palin gave that speech that we all remember at the Republican Convention. Not only was she HOT she knew how to work the stage and the crowd. She was able to SPEAK TO THE CONSERVATIVES in a way no Candidate has before. The Republican Party was finally united. Her Passion Resonated with voters. The Conservatives LOVED HER. At first women were proud to have a Woman in the race. Coming out of the Republican Conventions The McCain campaign received a huge BUMP in the polls. All contribute the bump to Sarah Palin. She was Young, New, Fresh, Hot! Everything John McCain wasn't plus she was a True Conservative.

It seemed nothing could stop the McCain Campaign. Palin gave a voice the NeoCONservatives who felt like John McCain was going to destroy the party by picking Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge as his V.P. The One question that still lingered in many peoples minds was who is Sarah Palin and what is she all about? So many of us started to do a little background checking on Sarah Palin and we didn't like what we found out.

Come to find out that she was Mayor of a very small town called Wasilla. Her husband is and uneducated Member of the Alaskan Independence Party. We found out that She is against abortion even in the case of Incest and Rape. A stance that most Rational people don't agree with. She Eat Moose Burgers (What ever that is)and hunts and fishes. She said that she sold the former Governors jet plane on Ebay then they found out that was a lie. She said that she was against the Bridge to Nowhere, that was a lie. She was just spitting TALKING POINTS WITHOUT THINKING!

It became pretty clear to me that Sarah Palin was just a Pretty Box with nothing in it. ALL Style No Substance.

Then we had the Financial Meltdown. The American people realized that we don't need people in the White House that are Totally out of Touch with the American People. The Polls started to turn overnight. John McCain "Pretended" to "Suspend" his campaign to STOP Barack Obamas Momentum.

The Success of Picking Palin quickly wore off. The American people had come to their senses. The decided that we don't need another Empty Box, we need someone with some real Ideas. When you listen to Sarah Palin speak I can hear the Passion, I beleive that she really cares about America BUT that doesn't change the fact that she is a idiot.

The McCain Campaign Quickly Realized the mistake they had made when the News of her Trooper Gate Scandal started to get wide spread attention. So they tried to keep her from the press. The more they tried the more the Press wanted to speak to her.
When the Press FINALLY got a chance to speak to her they found out that she REALLY DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY! She couldn't even answer what she reads everyday. Come On.

Charlie Gibson made her look UnEducated. Katie Couric made her look just plain DUMB. She appeared to lack the understanding of basic political issues. She seem UNSURE of Foreign Policy, Domestic Issues, Finance. I started to ask myself "What Does She Know?" GOD, GUNS,GAYS. This is what Republicans always fall back on when their Ideas are in the minority. They can always rely on their faithful Red Neck Base.

So! With their Ideas and Policies not very popular with the majority of the public the McCain Campaign started to Play to their Red Neck Base. This was the Perfect role of the Pit Bull with Lipstick. She came out swinging against Barack Obama calling him Risky, Tax and Spend Liberal, Weak on Defense. When all that didn't work Sarah Palin and John McCain decided to question his patriotism and suggest that he Pals around with Terrorist. This is RACISM AT IT BEST. I asked a very CONervative Friend of mine what was the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Terrorist? He said Arab. I said exactly thats what they have been trying to say the whole time with out saying it. By Saying Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, they are saying Arab, Arab, Arab.

I am sick and tired of the Republican Party and it Race Baiting Tactics. The Polls show that this isn't working with the American People. The American People are so hungry for change that they are not going to let the Republican, NEOCON Fear Machine Distract them from what is right in front of them HOPE. The PASSION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Has surpassed the Passion of PALIN!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Republican "RedNeck" Base!

Redneck refers to a stereotype of usually rural, Caucasian (i.e. white) people of lower socio-economic status (Poor White Trash) in the United States and Canada. Originally limited to the Appalachians, and later the South, the Ozarks, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, this stereotype is now widespread throughout North America.

Although the stereotype of poor white Southerners and Appalachians in the early twentieth century, as portrayed in popular media, was exaggerated and even grotesque, the problem of poverty was very real. The national mobilization of troops in World War I (1917-18) invited comparisons between the South and Appalachia and the rest of the country. Southern and Appalachian whites had less money, less education, and poorer health than white Americans in general. Only Southern blacks had more handicaps.

In the 1920s and 1930s matters became worse when the boll weevil and the dust bowl devastated the South's agricultural base and its economy. The Great Depression was a difficult era for the already disadvantaged in the South and Appalachia.

Federal programs such as the New Deal era Tennessee Valley Authority and the later Appalachian Regional Commission encouraged development and created jobs for disenfranchised rural southerners and appalachians.

After The New Deal and World War II began the great economic revival for the South and for Appalachia. In and out of the armed forces, unskilled Southern and Appalachian whites, and many African Americans as well, were trained for industrial and commercial work they had never dreamed of attempting, much less mastering. Military camps grew like mushrooms, especially in Florida, Georgia and Texas, and big industrial plants began to appear across the once rural landscape. Soon, blue-collar families from every nook and cranny of the South and Appalachia found their way to white-collar life in metropolitan areas.

Author Jim Goad's 1997 book The Redneck Manifesto explores the socioeconomic history of low-income Americans. According to Goad, Rednecks are traditionally pro-labor and anti-establishment and have an anti-hierarchical religious orientation. (source wikipedia: rednecks)

Over the years Rednecks have time and time again VOTED AGAINST THEIR OWN INTEREST. They HAVE BLINDLY Followed the Republican Party's NeoCon views not KNOWING what affect it has on them. Due to the vast Majority of RedNecks being UNEDUCATED they don't understand that most of them Benefit for the Social Programs that They VOTE AGAINST.

Lately the RedNeck Republicans have been saving that Barack Obama Plans are Socialist. Did they say that to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he enacted the New Deal providing assistance to Americans and creating Thousands of Jobs. NO! The country was in crisis and the Government had to act. Even the Republican Party agreed at that time in our history that Massive Social Programs were what the Country needed. But NOW everybody is Anti Socialist! They Have forgotten what GOT US OUT OF THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THE 20's, 30's!

The Majority of RedNecks are Low Income or (Poor) making less than 30 Thousand a Year! Yet they are against SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND! Just like Joe The Plumber. Hell he doesn't even Make 50,000 a year but he's talking about Socialism, Please. Do these Idiots even know what Socialism is?

Socialism is for Universal Heath Care, Affordable College Education, Good Paying Jobs not Sending Jobs Overseas, Fair Trade, A Living Wage, Home Ownership! What RED BLOODED AMERICAN doesn't want these things?

The NeoCONs have done a great Job Spreading their Propaganda. They Have fooled a whole group of Americans. Using Hot Issues like Religion, and Abortions to MASK their TRUE objectives and Goals. IMPERIALISM! New World Order! The American Empire. You see NeoCONs true goal is for America to take is "Rightful Place" as the New Roman Empire, replacing the British Empire. They have Divided their own Party. Casting out the Moderate Republicans, and Libertarians. The Republican Base NOW is solely REDNECK! The Last Few weeks have shown that they are Playing to THAT BASE. THE REDNECK BASE!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wake Up Republicans! Colin Powell has, You Can To!

Colin Powell announced today on Meet The Press that he will Vote For Barack Obama. Well I already have. I encourage everyone to early VOTE when ever it starts in your district. I have followed politics very closely over the last 15 years and Colin Powell has always been one of the Major Players in the Republican Party. Colin Powell has been part of The Reagan Administration, the First Bush Administration, and George Bush Jr.'s administration.

Colin Powell has been the "Good Solider" of the Republican Party. Even when things were terribly wrong during the first term of George W. Bush knowing that he had Colin Powell as one of his closes advisers made it just a little easier to bare. He has always carried himself with Honor and Dignity. Colin Powell deserves the respect of every man, woman, and child in America.

His endorsement of Barack Obama speaks to what I like to call is a Major Ideology Crisis in the Republican Party. "Who are the Republicans and What do they Stand For? This is their main problem. During the Bush Administration the Republican Party Lost their Identity.

The Neo-Consevatives have taken control of the Party and want let go. Moderates have been trying to Let their voices be heard but the NeoCONS quickly dismiss them as extremist. Ron Paul a TRUE Conservative was dismiss as a lunatic. But When Ron Paul's Libertarian Conservative Views started to gain VAST Public Support the Republican Party ignored Ron Paul's warnings and stayed the NeoCON Course. The Republicans should have adopted some of Ron's issues as part of the New Republican Platform instead they decided that We are going to go even farther RIGHT than before. A fatal Campaign Flaw.

Colin Powell represent those Moderate Republicans that use to be the BASE of the Party before the NeoCON uprising. This move by Colin Powell to support Barack Obama underscores the DEEP DIVISIONS within the Party. I predict that More and More republicans will jump off this SINKING SHIP AND SOON. To stay on this SINKING SHIP now would be political SUICIDE.

I also believe that Colin Powell wants to be part of History. Electing Barack Obama, the first African American President would a HUGE FIRST STEP in Race relations in our country. This is something that needs to happen. Colin Powell want to be a part of that. I also believe that he also wants to Help Barack Obama govern this country in anyway he can. Lets face it Barack probably wouldn't be able to find some one better suited for the job of Secretary of Defense than Colin Powell. It would also demonstrate his willingness to reach across party lines. If Colin Powell was Secretary of Defense this War In Iraq probably would not have happened.

This is a very important moment in American History. I think everyone wants to be a part of something special. I don't blame Colin Powell for deciding to Vote for Barack Obama. I just wish that the Rest of the Republican Party would Wake Up and do the same thing. The Country has Rejected Neo-Conservatism and has decided that it is time for a Change!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

American FASCISM!

Fascism is an virulent form of Far-Right populism. Fascism glorifies national, racial, or cultural unity and collective rebirth while seeking to purge imagined enemies, and attacks both revolutionary movements and liberal pluralism in favor of militarized, totalitarian ...

Fascism is a political movement that preaches an extreme form of patriotism and nationalism that was often linked to racism; headed by a powerful dictator

Fascism is A social and political ideology with the primary guiding principle that the state or nation is the highest priority, rather than personal or individual freedoms.

Fascism is an extreme form of nationalism that played on fears of communism and rejected individual freedom, liberal individualism, democracy, and limitations on the state.

Fascism is a system of government dominated by far-right-wing forces and generally commanded by a single dictator (BUSH).

Fascism is a principle in which one is devoted almost entirely to their Nation. Fascism is usually Antisemitic and racist.

Fascism is Open terrorist rule over every part of life, usually with the most biased and unfair views.

Fascism is a political system that glorifies the nation, minimizes individual rights, and operates through an autocratic central government that tightly controls all economics, political, and social behavior.

Fascism is a political regime based on strong centralized government, suppressing through violence any criticism or opposition of the regime, and exalting nation, state, or religion above the individual; A system of strong autocracy or oligarchy.

NeoCONsevatism is no different from Fascism. The only difference is that NeoConservatives claim to be for Small Government but they only say that just to make you think that's what they believe. The Truth is ever since Bush and the NeoConservatives have been in power they have done everything in their power to take away the rights of individuals! The Patriot Act was one of the BIGGEST FASCIST POLITICAL Philosophies in the History of the United States.

The NeoCONservatives HIJACKED the Republican Party to advance their FASCIST IDEALS. They knew that they couldn't call it FASCISM OR IMPERIALISM because both terms are very UNPOPULAR. The Intellectuals of the Movement decided to call it NeoConservatism.

They used growing Anti Communism in the 60's and 70's to infiltrate the Republican Party! Once inside they started to position NeoCons into key Political Positions. The NeoCons gained a key Victory with the Election of Ronald Reagan.

I say All That to say this: Do Not Be Deceived By Neo-Conservatives! Do Not Underestimate Neo-Conservatives!

They will tell you that they are for the Good of the American People and that they are Pro American and if you don't "Believe What They Believe than You Are Anti-American! WRONG! Being able to Disagree is what Democracy and America is all about! It is what makes our Political System Work. The notion that we all have to THINK AND BELIEVE THE SAME IS WHAT FASCISM IS ALL ABOUT. It is one of the CORE PRINCIPLES OF FASCISM! Don't FALL FOR THIS TRICK!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Debate Was The Beginning of the End!

John McCain was aggressive. John McCain was on the offensive. John McCain was Mad, Angry and Spitting Fire! But did his message resonate with the voters? All of the Post Debate polls show that Barack Obama lead hasn't changed. All of the Talking Heads on every network consider Barack Obama the winner of the debate. So, even though McCain was aggressive, fiery, on the offense he still LOST! Why? Could it be that the American People see through all the rhetoric and nonsense coming out of the John McCain campaign.

Despite what John McCain saying that he isn't George Bush, if you compare their POLICIES you can't tell the difference. Nobody has been able to mention ONE SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN John McCain and George Bush! What I mean by significant is something that really MATTERS to the voters not some budget resolution. Nobody can tell me ONE! He was FOR GEORGE BUSH'S WAR! He was FOR GEORGE BUSH'S TAX CUT THAT HAS CRIPPLED THE GOVERNMENT AND PUT US IN DEBT! They Both are FOR OVERTURNING Roe V. Wade. John McCain is George Bush! He is George Bush's Hand Picked successor!

As long as John McCain SUPPORTS George Bush he doesn't have a CHANCE OF WINNING this election. Unless he PUBLICLY DENOUNCES GEORGE BUSH AND ALL OF GEORGE BUSH'S FAILED POLICIES HE CAN'T WIN! John McCain willing came over form the Moderate Conservative Side to the NeoCONservative side. That was his biggest mistake. He Sold his Soul to the Devil (Devil = NeoConservatism) and it hasn't paid off. The American People have REJECTED NeoCONservatism, and The Republican Party as whole. How long will it take before John McCain realizes that he must BREAK with the NeoConservative Branch of the Party and DENOUNCE George Bush? If He Doesn't Denounce George Bush and NeoConservatism SOON, it will be the END OF HIS CAMPAIGN!