Saturday, October 18, 2008

American FASCISM!

Fascism is an virulent form of Far-Right populism. Fascism glorifies national, racial, or cultural unity and collective rebirth while seeking to purge imagined enemies, and attacks both revolutionary movements and liberal pluralism in favor of militarized, totalitarian ...

Fascism is a political movement that preaches an extreme form of patriotism and nationalism that was often linked to racism; headed by a powerful dictator

Fascism is A social and political ideology with the primary guiding principle that the state or nation is the highest priority, rather than personal or individual freedoms.

Fascism is an extreme form of nationalism that played on fears of communism and rejected individual freedom, liberal individualism, democracy, and limitations on the state.

Fascism is a system of government dominated by far-right-wing forces and generally commanded by a single dictator (BUSH).

Fascism is a principle in which one is devoted almost entirely to their Nation. Fascism is usually Antisemitic and racist.

Fascism is Open terrorist rule over every part of life, usually with the most biased and unfair views.

Fascism is a political system that glorifies the nation, minimizes individual rights, and operates through an autocratic central government that tightly controls all economics, political, and social behavior.

Fascism is a political regime based on strong centralized government, suppressing through violence any criticism or opposition of the regime, and exalting nation, state, or religion above the individual; A system of strong autocracy or oligarchy.

NeoCONsevatism is no different from Fascism. The only difference is that NeoConservatives claim to be for Small Government but they only say that just to make you think that's what they believe. The Truth is ever since Bush and the NeoConservatives have been in power they have done everything in their power to take away the rights of individuals! The Patriot Act was one of the BIGGEST FASCIST POLITICAL Philosophies in the History of the United States.

The NeoCONservatives HIJACKED the Republican Party to advance their FASCIST IDEALS. They knew that they couldn't call it FASCISM OR IMPERIALISM because both terms are very UNPOPULAR. The Intellectuals of the Movement decided to call it NeoConservatism.

They used growing Anti Communism in the 60's and 70's to infiltrate the Republican Party! Once inside they started to position NeoCons into key Political Positions. The NeoCons gained a key Victory with the Election of Ronald Reagan.

I say All That to say this: Do Not Be Deceived By Neo-Conservatives! Do Not Underestimate Neo-Conservatives!

They will tell you that they are for the Good of the American People and that they are Pro American and if you don't "Believe What They Believe than You Are Anti-American! WRONG! Being able to Disagree is what Democracy and America is all about! It is what makes our Political System Work. The notion that we all have to THINK AND BELIEVE THE SAME IS WHAT FASCISM IS ALL ABOUT. It is one of the CORE PRINCIPLES OF FASCISM! Don't FALL FOR THIS TRICK!