Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Vote For Change Rally with Joe Biden at ECU in Greenville NC

Delaware Senator and VP Candidate Joe Biden did not disappoint the Crowd today at East Carolina University, in Greenville, NC. Joe Biden laid out their for the country in a clear and coherent way. He reiterated that they plan to give a tax CUT to 95% of Americans and he also mentioned that Health Care is right. He mention that he and Barack Obama plan to make College education affordable. Joe Biden also criticized the way the FAR RIGHT has been campaigning this Election Season. He said that John McCain is trying to put on Halloween Costume posing as an Agent of Change. Of course the Crowd ate it up. The Rally was a HUGE SUCCESS.

The Rally was all about GETTING OUT THE EARLY VOTE. Even though I know that things look good right now we can't let up. We have to keep pushing to everyone we know to get out the EARLY VOTE. If you can't vote early JUST VOTE PERIOD. Come November 5th I don't want to be thinking that we could have done more. Or I should have done more. We can't let the Republicans (NeoCONs) steal this ELECTION.

We also need to get involved at all levels. City Council, County Commissioners, Local Boards, Mayors, State House, State Senate, US House, US Senate, Governors and of course the Presidency. In every state their are local leaders that need our support and our vote. We can't just think about the White House and Congress. Change begins at ALL LEVELS. Barack Obama himself was a State Senator just a few years ago and now he with a lot of help from the American People will be The Next President. We have to pay close attention to what Our Local Leaders say and do. Who knows they could be running for a major National Level office someday. A couple of North Carolina's finest were speakers at today's rally.

US House of Representative NC District 1 Rep. G.K. Butterfeild Revs up the Crowd giving a strong speech that resonated with the fairly large crowd at ECU.

Snow Hill, NC Mayor Don Davis gives the opening statement and prayer. Don Davis is an up and coming politician in Eastern North Carolina and soon I believe he will gain National Recognition. He is in a hard campaign for the NC Senate District 5 seat.

Darius Dontrell Hall (My Son D.D.) shows his support for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I believe it is important to involve our children in the Political Process at a very early age. D.D. is 4.