Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Guess I Don't Understand!

In the debate tonight John McCain said the same thing he said about Barack Obama in the last debate, "Barack Obama doesn't understand". Barack Responded by saying that he doesn't understand how we got into a war with Iraq when they had nothing to do with 911. I feel this that was the turning point in the debate.

I would venture to guess that the vast majority of American people don't understand how and why we actually got into war with Iraq.

I also don't understand the need to beat the War Drums against Iran.

I don't understand why Afghanistan is making Treaties with The Taliban after while we are still engaged in war with the Taliban and Alqueda.

I don't understand how John McCain can keep talking about The Surge, The Surge. When he continues to IGNORE THE LIES, THE LIES that got us into this mess by the Bush Administration.

Maybe if I were a US Senator for the last 25 years I could understand all the DUMB THINGS OUR GOVERNMENT DOES. But right now I can't and you know what Senator Obama is having a hard time understanding also.