Thursday, October 30, 2008

In case you missed it, The Barack Obama Infomercial (VIDEO)

Barack made the case for electing him the next President of the United States last night in a 30 minute infomercial. Barack Obama connected with voters, and laid out clear coherent vision for America. His focus was on middle America. Struggling families trying to make ends meet. He focused on how jobs have been sent overseas, and how the elderly can't retire with dignity and they have to get a job because they can't live of their retirement or social security. He focused on the outrageous cost of health care and how it is crippling our country. And he focused on education and the importance of affordable college education. Barack Obamas message was well produced and well written. I believe any person who watched the video would come to the conclusion that this guy understands what working families go through and that he is ready to be President on day one! And that was his over all message.

What I noticed and I'm sure that most of you will notice is that he never mention John McCain, or George Bush. It was almost like he is trying to use some kind of mind control and make it seem like the other guy doesn't exist or is Irrelevant. John McCain had to notice this and he most be thinking what am I chop liver! I am glad that he didn't mention John McCain. Why should he? John McCain has ran the dirtiest campaign in recent history. Why validate John McCain by mentioning him?

They American People are ready to MOVEON! We are tired of the same of politics as usual it is time for CHANGE. Barack Obama represents that change. He is the embodiment of all our deepest hopes and dreams. He represents that hunger and desire to make this country better and to change the world. He has motivate a whole generation of voters to act. Win or LOSE, America will be better because of the spirited campaign that Barack Obama has ran. He has shown the OLD GUARD how to run a clean campaign that FOCUSES ON THE TRUTH, and on the Issues.

BUT, it isn't over yet. We need to continue to spread the Message of this Power Progressive Movement that Barack Obama is a part of. Because of the Power of this Movement we will come close to 60 VOTES in the Senate. We will solidify our control over The House. We will gain key Governor offices. General Assemblies across the country will be turned BLUE OVERNIGHT on November 4th. City Councils across the Country will be transformed by the Power of this Movement. We will usher in Mayors in alot of the Cities and Towns across the Country.

You see, the country has rejected NeoConservatism. Republican party is in retreat! NeoCons are fighting with Moderates over what will be left of a very weak and defeated Republican party. We are watching the End of the Imperialist, Fascist, Regime of George BUSH. While he is leaving office he is taking down the republican party with him. They have nobody to blame but themselves for the path that they have taken this country with its failed policies. Conservatism is dead. Liberalism is alive and STRONG!