Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John McCain & George Bush: The UnHoly Alliance, the True Axis of Evil

John McCain is EXACTLY LIKE GEORGE BUSH on every Major Issue. John McCain supported George BUSHES War In Iraq. John McCain Supports the Bush tax cuts for THE RICH. John McCain SUPPORTS The Bush Doctrine of Unilateralism around the World and Preemptive Strikes against enemies.

John McCain Say's for SMALL GOVERNMENT but he has supported 4 out of 5 of George Bushes Budget Proposals which has drastically INCREASED THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. John McCain SUPPORTED THE PATRIOT ACT that takes our rights away from and allows WARRANT LESS WIRE TAPPING. Like MOST Republicans John McCain against Roe V. Wade and favors a constitutional BAN on Gay Marriage.

The John McCain Economic Policy is no Different from George Bushes. TAX CUT FOR THE RICH, SENDING MORE JOBS OVERSEAS, MORE FREE TRADE DEALS THAT CLOSE PLANTS IN THE U.S. UNRESTRICTED OFF-SHORE DRILLING THAT WOULD KILL OUR ENVIRONMENT AND INCREASE OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOSSIL FUELS. On Social Programs of Course all they talk about is CUT Spending. WELL, a large portion of "Government Spending" is on Social Programs. "CUT SPENDING" has always been NeoCON Code for CUTTING PROGRAMS, and taking that money and giving it to BIG BUSINESS. Increasing the BURDEN of State and local governments. Many of our state and local governments are in LARGE DEBT thanks to George BUSH and John McCain's policies.

Just how is John McCain Different from George Bush. Well he is older, and a lot grayer. His wife is a little RICHER! He is a lot sicker looking. I give George Bush Credit, at least win George Bush ran he had a consistent message. Tax and Spend Liberal(Which Really ain't going to work this time because so many of us have been hearing that over, and over, and over again over the last 2 election.)

John McCain claims to be a Maverick but as Joe Biden said in Greenville, NC Monday John McCain has been a "Side Kick" over the last 8years. John McCain use to be a Maverick in 2000. BUT! I think that lost in 2000 changed John McCain for the WORST. He sold his SOUL to the NEOCONS just to win the Election. How Pathetic.

A distinguished WAR HERO has SOILED his reputation, thrown away his career, and yes compromised his own Character by siding with Such low lives as Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George Bush. He drank the Kool-Aid he carried the water. He held the NeoCON banner all in hopes of gaining the ultimate power of the Presidency. He relentless ambition is crystal clear. I want stand by and watch this county fall deeper in to NeoConservatism. I have seen what NeoConservative Ideas have done to our Great Country. I will continue to speak out to anyone that reads this blog, or that I see on a daily basis that John McCain isn't he war hero that everyone gives him credit for being. He is a POWER HUNGRY POLITICIAN that has always had his eyes set on the White House.

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