Thursday, October 9, 2008

John McCain Loves to Gamble.

The Sarah Palin pick was a huge gamble for McCain. I can't say if it has paid off yet. We will have to see Nov. 4. I personally think that picking Sarah Palin did nothing to get swing voters or independents. This was the voting block McCain is targeting. Based on his views and stances on the issues, McCain should be getting blown out. But McCain is banking on the "RedNeck Vote" to be strong and carry him. So he decided to play to the BASE! THE FAR RIGHT BASE OF THE GOP.

So he gave up on Michigan, (Left Leaning State).

He gave up on disappointed Dems.

He Gave up on the swing voters.

He gave up on the Independents.

By Giving up the way he has he in effect has Gave up the Presidency!!

McCain loves rolling the dice but this time i think he is out of Chips.