Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Debate Was The Beginning of the End!

John McCain was aggressive. John McCain was on the offensive. John McCain was Mad, Angry and Spitting Fire! But did his message resonate with the voters? All of the Post Debate polls show that Barack Obama lead hasn't changed. All of the Talking Heads on every network consider Barack Obama the winner of the debate. So, even though McCain was aggressive, fiery, on the offense he still LOST! Why? Could it be that the American People see through all the rhetoric and nonsense coming out of the John McCain campaign.

Despite what John McCain saying that he isn't George Bush, if you compare their POLICIES you can't tell the difference. Nobody has been able to mention ONE SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN John McCain and George Bush! What I mean by significant is something that really MATTERS to the voters not some budget resolution. Nobody can tell me ONE! He was FOR GEORGE BUSH'S WAR! He was FOR GEORGE BUSH'S TAX CUT THAT HAS CRIPPLED THE GOVERNMENT AND PUT US IN DEBT! They Both are FOR OVERTURNING Roe V. Wade. John McCain is George Bush! He is George Bush's Hand Picked successor!

As long as John McCain SUPPORTS George Bush he doesn't have a CHANCE OF WINNING this election. Unless he PUBLICLY DENOUNCES GEORGE BUSH AND ALL OF GEORGE BUSH'S FAILED POLICIES HE CAN'T WIN! John McCain willing came over form the Moderate Conservative Side to the NeoCONservative side. That was his biggest mistake. He Sold his Soul to the Devil (Devil = NeoConservatism) and it hasn't paid off. The American People have REJECTED NeoCONservatism, and The Republican Party as whole. How long will it take before John McCain realizes that he must BREAK with the NeoConservative Branch of the Party and DENOUNCE George Bush? If He Doesn't Denounce George Bush and NeoConservatism SOON, it will be the END OF HIS CAMPAIGN!