Thursday, October 9, 2008

Its time to Turn The Page on The Republican Imperialist Regime

Its is time to turn the page on Conservatism, NeoCONs, Right Wing Tools, The GOP, Racist, Fascism, Trickle Down Economics, and Imperialism. Progressive is the New MAINSTREAM! If the Repuke Party wants to survive this they better change there stance on a whole host of issues.

The Republicans are on the wrong side of every important issue that effects the everyday lives of voters.

The Republicans are wrong on the Economy. Conservatism, Deregulation, Hands Off approach to the Economy (Extreme Capitalism) have destroyed our economy.

There answer is cutting taxes. Well, if you cut taxes you are cutting REVENUE for the government. When you cut REVENUE you have to cut SPENDING....That means Medicare, Social Security, and all sorts of entitlement programs will be cut or overhauled (IN A NEGATIVE WAY).

Not only will entitlement programs get cut, so will financial aid programs that help young minorities get an college education. The Republicans are WRONG on education.

The government will basically STOP working to help the poor and middle class of this country. That means more and more people will get out of high school and have to go directly into the work force with out the skills necessary to succeed.

BUT Uncle Sam doesn't want you on Financial Aid, He doesn't want to pay to a living wage, and he doesn't want you on entitlement programs. What the HELL are we suppose to do? I haven't even got started on Affirmative Action yet.

The Republicans are WRONG ON Affirmative Action. All Affirmative Action really does is give Minorities a opportunity to play on a even playing field. For years the deck has been stacked against minorities and it still is. Affirmative Action probably isn't the answer but it definitely isn't the problem.

Education is the problem and is the main difference between RICH AND POOR! The wealthy have the money to send there kids to school, the poor don't.

The Wealthy probably send there kids to the BEST PRIVATE Schools, the poor don't even know what a private school is.

The wealthy don't have to worry if there son fails all his classes in school, because he will more than likely go into the family business, the poor don't have family businesses to past down to there kids.

The Republicans are OUT OF TOUCH with everyday people. They are for the WEALTHY WALL STREET FAT CATS!

Education is the TRUE EQUALIZER! And we need to make college education a RIGHT of every citizen. I do believe in a lot of socialist views, and I also believe that COLLEGE EDUCATION, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, are RIGHTS that every American Citizen deserve.

And YES if RAISING TAXES IS THE WAY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN SIGN ME UP! I can't afford to send all of my kids to school. I WILL NEED HELP when the time comes to send my kids to school, I just want my Government to have my BACK.