Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liberals v/s CONservatives: A War of Ideas

Over the last 8years the War Between Liberals and CONservatives has escalated. Conservatives have been in power 6 out of the last 8 years. Their Ideas and Policies have devastated this country. In times of economic crisis the Leaders of the Conseratives have only given excuses as to why things are they way they are instead of giving us answers to solve the problems we all Face. And through it all President Bush has sat there with that DUMB look on his face like Don't worry I got this all under control.

Conservative Leadership has gotten us in TWO WARs, an Economy on the brink of Depression, and a Country is Deeply Divided along Party Lines, Racial Lines, and Ideological Lines. The Republican Party has lost their VOICE. The Democratic Party has FOUND its VOICE! The Country is Ready for CHANGE, while the Republicans are trying to HOLD ON TO POWER! There is a clear Choice RIGHT or LEFT!

Right now the Republican Party really doesn't have an Idea of where they want to take the country, so one would have to assume that they would pretty much stay on the same course that we are on now. While Democrats have laid out a very clear course:

On Domestic issues: Universal Health Care is a RIGHT! Affordable College Education is a RIGHT! We Need a Government that CARES for the Weak and Poor, not the Wall Street Fat Cats. We need to Invest in our communities and Public Schools, not vouchers for Private Schools. Liberals don't want more Abortions, but they don't want to deny Women The Right To chose. Liberals Believe that if you are Homosexual you should have the SAME rights as some one how is Heterosexual. That includes Marriage. These are Issues that CONservatives could careless about.

On Economic Issues: We need JOBS! The best thing for any Countries economic Growth, is Job Growth. And NOT JOBS AT WAL-MART. We need our Manufacturing Jobs to come back. The only way for those Jobs to come back is to make it HARDER for Companies to set up SHOP overseas. We CAN'T COMPETE WITH CHEAP CHINESE, VIETNAMESE, INDIAN, and South Korean LABOR. We need to PENALIZE any company that MOVES overseas and TAX THE HELL out of any company or Country that wants to SELL THEIR CHEAP GOODS in the United States of America. At least until they can comply with the Same Industrial standards that we do in the United States.

We shouldn't be Giving Money to Companies who SELL MONEY! It only will hurt the Value of our dollar. We give anyone money it should be the Fords, The GMs. Companies that ACTUALLY MAKE SOMETHING so they can pay their employees instead of laying off their employees. Contrary to what a lot of people believe if people had better JOBS they wouldn't be getting foreclosed on. That would help the Banks better than just giving them BLANK checks. Give some money to people so they can CATCH UP ON THEIR MORTGAGE.

On Foreign Policy: They only way for the United States to feel safe in the World is to STOP PISSING OFF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. If you KILL thousands of Iraqi Citizens in the Name of DEMOCRACY guess what, Democracy is the last thing they would want. We need to be able to SIT DOWN WITH ANYONE AND LET THEM KNOW JUST WHAT THE UNITED STATES STANDS FOR. Not this We don't talk to people we don't agree with BULL SHIT! Diplomacy is all about talking to people we don't agree with so we can come to some kind of agreement. The Notion of Unilateralism is STUPID. It is something the NEOCONs invented to start wars with out the consent of the International Community. The Great Woodrow Wilson had a idea for a League of Nations so that we would never again be involved in another World War. His Dream was realized when we help Found the United Nations after World War II. Had we listened to Woodrow Wilson then maybe THE HOLOCAUST Never would have happened. We can't abandon our Responsibility as the Worlds Leading Super Power. BUT we can ABUSE THAT POWER. In the last 8 years we have ABUSE THAT POWER. And the World Community has REJECTED OUR FAILED LEADERSHIP. We need to repair our relationship with other World Leaders and EARN BACK our REPUTATION AS THE LEADING SUPERPOWER IN THE WORLD.

The NeoCON Republican Party has only SHOWN the World just a glimpse of what they are Capable of. We can't allow 4 more years of the BUSH Administrations FAILED POLICIES. I honestly Believe that John McCain Represents George Bushes THIRD TERM. And if John McCain is elected his ERRATIC LEADERSHIP WOULD PROBABLY LEAD US TO WORLD WAR 3.

The NeoCON Propaganda Machine has done a great job of RACE BAITING and trying to sew the Seeds of DIVISION and HATE. They have been trying to suggest that being Liberal is some kind of DIRTY WORD. I say NAY!