Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Is Changing the Electoral Map

Dark BLUE Strong Dem (264)
Light BLUE Weak Dem (47)
Blue Outline Barely Dem (53)
White Exactly tied (3)
Red Outline Barely GOP (29)
Pink Weak GOP (24)
Dark Red Strong GOP (118)

With only days left in this Race for the White House Barack Obama seems to have what appears to be an insurmountable lead. All the Polls and Pundits have Barack winning this Race. John McCain has has been written off, his campaign appears to be in disarray. Sarah Palin is positioning her self as the New Leader of the What is Left of the Republican Party. While John McCain is trying to go out with a little of his honor and dignity intact.

But wait. We all need to take a deep breath and wait just a second. Lets not forget who we are dealing with. We are dealing with the most corrupt administration since Richard Nixon. We can't just assume that BUSH and his Cronies are going to have some say in this election. They are pretty good at stealing elections. What makes anyone think that they want try and steal this election for John McCain? Sure he isn't the classic NeoCON, but he did drink the Kool-Aid and he has been carrying the water for them over the last 8years. He has VOTED WITH BUSH OVER 90% of the time this is out of his own mouth. It would not be in The Republicans best interest to see BARACK OBAMA, NANCY PELOSI, & HARRY REID running things in Washington. Trust me this is TRULY one of their biggest FEARS! They will pull out EVERY LITTLE TRICK IN THE BOOK in the next 4 days to insure that They STEAL this election for John McCain.

So the question is how do we prevent this form happening?q We need to be at the polls. We need to educate as voters as we can. I know that as soon as I get off work I am going to the Voting Precinct and I am letting MY VOICE BE HEARD. I have already voted, but there are many that haven't and they prefer to vote during election day. That's Fine. But we must make sure they know all the little tricks that these Republicans have up their sleeve.

Also there will be a lot of Referendums on ballots all across the country. Each County, and City has critical Referendums on the ballot. We need to make sure we know which one apply to our District and that we educate the voters about each one. Alot of times they try to slide these referendums by us without us knowing anything about them. They will say vote Yes for such and such. We must not just vote for something without knowing what it is about. Take time to educate voters about these Referendums it is very important.

This race isn't over yet and we don't need to act like it is. Things do look good right now but that can all change from now to Nov. 4th.