Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin Should DROP OUT of THE RACE!

Sarah Palin should DROP OUT OF THE RACE. Listen there is know way there going to win this thing. Yeah, she gave John McCain a little bump in the polls, but a the recent economic crisis has destroyed that bump.

John McCain showed very bad JUDGEMENT in picking Sarah Palin, "RISKY". This particular GAMBLE didn't payoff. He had to know that she was under investigation. Knowing all this the McCain Campaign chose to go down this road.

Sarah Palin has been attacking Barack Obama on his association with Bill Ayers. BUT She has REFUSED TO TESTIFY under oath about the Trooper Gate Scandal. And now The Investigators in Alaska have concluded that Sarah Palin abused her power. How do these idiots sleep at night.

We can't afford to have more CORRUPT Republicans in the White House! It is time for Sarah Palin to DROP OUT OF THIS RACE!