Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Passion Of Palin

Sarah Palin is by far the biggest Gamble in Presidential Campaign History. John McCain had been struggling all summer to get attention to his campaign. Barack Obama coming off a very hard fought Primary with Hillary Clinton came out of the Primary STRONGER. Leading John McCain in all the polls. Going into the Democratic Convention, the two candidates were virtually neck and neck. Barack Obama chose Joe Biden, someone that could help him govern in a time of crisis. Someone that could give him the Foreign policy experience that he lacked. The Democrats ROCKED the Convention with OVER 80,000 people in the MILE HIGH STADIUM!

Almost every Political Pundit and Political Operatives thought that there was nothing John McCain could do to OVERTURN the Momentum that The Obama Campaign had coming out of the convention. Then It happened. I remember like was yesterday. John McCain came out on a Friday announcing that Sarah Palin was going to be his Vice Presidential Candidate. I was Like Sarah WHO. Nobody knew who the HELL she was.

Just when the John McCain's campaign seemed like they were up against the ropes Sarah Palin gave that speech that we all remember at the Republican Convention. Not only was she HOT she knew how to work the stage and the crowd. She was able to SPEAK TO THE CONSERVATIVES in a way no Candidate has before. The Republican Party was finally united. Her Passion Resonated with voters. The Conservatives LOVED HER. At first women were proud to have a Woman in the race. Coming out of the Republican Conventions The McCain campaign received a huge BUMP in the polls. All contribute the bump to Sarah Palin. She was Young, New, Fresh, Hot! Everything John McCain wasn't plus she was a True Conservative.

It seemed nothing could stop the McCain Campaign. Palin gave a voice the NeoCONservatives who felt like John McCain was going to destroy the party by picking Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge as his V.P. The One question that still lingered in many peoples minds was who is Sarah Palin and what is she all about? So many of us started to do a little background checking on Sarah Palin and we didn't like what we found out.

Come to find out that she was Mayor of a very small town called Wasilla. Her husband is and uneducated Member of the Alaskan Independence Party. We found out that She is against abortion even in the case of Incest and Rape. A stance that most Rational people don't agree with. She Eat Moose Burgers (What ever that is)and hunts and fishes. She said that she sold the former Governors jet plane on Ebay then they found out that was a lie. She said that she was against the Bridge to Nowhere, that was a lie. She was just spitting TALKING POINTS WITHOUT THINKING!

It became pretty clear to me that Sarah Palin was just a Pretty Box with nothing in it. ALL Style No Substance.

Then we had the Financial Meltdown. The American people realized that we don't need people in the White House that are Totally out of Touch with the American People. The Polls started to turn overnight. John McCain "Pretended" to "Suspend" his campaign to STOP Barack Obamas Momentum.

The Success of Picking Palin quickly wore off. The American people had come to their senses. The decided that we don't need another Empty Box, we need someone with some real Ideas. When you listen to Sarah Palin speak I can hear the Passion, I beleive that she really cares about America BUT that doesn't change the fact that she is a idiot.

The McCain Campaign Quickly Realized the mistake they had made when the News of her Trooper Gate Scandal started to get wide spread attention. So they tried to keep her from the press. The more they tried the more the Press wanted to speak to her.
When the Press FINALLY got a chance to speak to her they found out that she REALLY DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY! She couldn't even answer what she reads everyday. Come On.

Charlie Gibson made her look UnEducated. Katie Couric made her look just plain DUMB. She appeared to lack the understanding of basic political issues. She seem UNSURE of Foreign Policy, Domestic Issues, Finance. I started to ask myself "What Does She Know?" GOD, GUNS,GAYS. This is what Republicans always fall back on when their Ideas are in the minority. They can always rely on their faithful Red Neck Base.

So! With their Ideas and Policies not very popular with the majority of the public the McCain Campaign started to Play to their Red Neck Base. This was the Perfect role of the Pit Bull with Lipstick. She came out swinging against Barack Obama calling him Risky, Tax and Spend Liberal, Weak on Defense. When all that didn't work Sarah Palin and John McCain decided to question his patriotism and suggest that he Pals around with Terrorist. This is RACISM AT IT BEST. I asked a very CONervative Friend of mine what was the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Terrorist? He said Arab. I said exactly thats what they have been trying to say the whole time with out saying it. By Saying Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, they are saying Arab, Arab, Arab.

I am sick and tired of the Republican Party and it Race Baiting Tactics. The Polls show that this isn't working with the American People. The American People are so hungry for change that they are not going to let the Republican, NEOCON Fear Machine Distract them from what is right in front of them HOPE. The PASSION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Has surpassed the Passion of PALIN!