Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Pot calling the Kettle Black

I am sure by now that most people know all about Reverend Wright and the comments that he made (most of which are true) and all the flack Barack Obama caught over it. I personally don't believe that a man should have to answer for another mans actions. The whole guilty by association thing is kind of crazy. We all know people that we don't agree with whether it be family, friends, or people at your Church. I can't control what my pastor says, my brother, anybody. The notion that you somehow just cut people off that make comments you don't agree with is absurd.

With that being said, Sarah "The Thrilla From Wasilla" Palin is running her mouth talking about Ayers, and Barack should be ashamed to be neighbors with the guys or something like that. Please, I believe that most of the country knows that she is involved in a scandal (Trooper Gate)and Her BUDDY John McCain has been involved in a scandal (The Keating 5) so to somehow tie Barack to what happened in the 60's is crazy. Lets deal with the facts here. Most people have a few skeletons in there closet but My God they take this thing to a whole different level.

Especially when she has A CRAZY WITCH HUNTER AS HER PASTOR! Really, A Witch Hunter? I didn't know that they actually exist! Or maybe that is part of his scam? At any rate he is equal to or greater than Reverend Wright in the CRAZY CATEGORY! So for the McCain campaign to start digging up OLD NEWS and trying to sell it as NEW, I don't think that it will work. The American People aren't THAT DUMB (althought I do believe that most lack some intelligence). This "TACTIC" will FAIL! Hey John, that last BULLET YOU GO IN THE YOUR GUN, USE IT ON YOURSELF!