Monday, October 20, 2008

The Republican "RedNeck" Base!

Redneck refers to a stereotype of usually rural, Caucasian (i.e. white) people of lower socio-economic status (Poor White Trash) in the United States and Canada. Originally limited to the Appalachians, and later the South, the Ozarks, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, this stereotype is now widespread throughout North America.

Although the stereotype of poor white Southerners and Appalachians in the early twentieth century, as portrayed in popular media, was exaggerated and even grotesque, the problem of poverty was very real. The national mobilization of troops in World War I (1917-18) invited comparisons between the South and Appalachia and the rest of the country. Southern and Appalachian whites had less money, less education, and poorer health than white Americans in general. Only Southern blacks had more handicaps.

In the 1920s and 1930s matters became worse when the boll weevil and the dust bowl devastated the South's agricultural base and its economy. The Great Depression was a difficult era for the already disadvantaged in the South and Appalachia.

Federal programs such as the New Deal era Tennessee Valley Authority and the later Appalachian Regional Commission encouraged development and created jobs for disenfranchised rural southerners and appalachians.

After The New Deal and World War II began the great economic revival for the South and for Appalachia. In and out of the armed forces, unskilled Southern and Appalachian whites, and many African Americans as well, were trained for industrial and commercial work they had never dreamed of attempting, much less mastering. Military camps grew like mushrooms, especially in Florida, Georgia and Texas, and big industrial plants began to appear across the once rural landscape. Soon, blue-collar families from every nook and cranny of the South and Appalachia found their way to white-collar life in metropolitan areas.

Author Jim Goad's 1997 book The Redneck Manifesto explores the socioeconomic history of low-income Americans. According to Goad, Rednecks are traditionally pro-labor and anti-establishment and have an anti-hierarchical religious orientation. (source wikipedia: rednecks)

Over the years Rednecks have time and time again VOTED AGAINST THEIR OWN INTEREST. They HAVE BLINDLY Followed the Republican Party's NeoCon views not KNOWING what affect it has on them. Due to the vast Majority of RedNecks being UNEDUCATED they don't understand that most of them Benefit for the Social Programs that They VOTE AGAINST.

Lately the RedNeck Republicans have been saving that Barack Obama Plans are Socialist. Did they say that to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he enacted the New Deal providing assistance to Americans and creating Thousands of Jobs. NO! The country was in crisis and the Government had to act. Even the Republican Party agreed at that time in our history that Massive Social Programs were what the Country needed. But NOW everybody is Anti Socialist! They Have forgotten what GOT US OUT OF THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THE 20's, 30's!

The Majority of RedNecks are Low Income or (Poor) making less than 30 Thousand a Year! Yet they are against SPREADING THE WEALTH AROUND! Just like Joe The Plumber. Hell he doesn't even Make 50,000 a year but he's talking about Socialism, Please. Do these Idiots even know what Socialism is?

Socialism is for Universal Heath Care, Affordable College Education, Good Paying Jobs not Sending Jobs Overseas, Fair Trade, A Living Wage, Home Ownership! What RED BLOODED AMERICAN doesn't want these things?

The NeoCONs have done a great Job Spreading their Propaganda. They Have fooled a whole group of Americans. Using Hot Issues like Religion, and Abortions to MASK their TRUE objectives and Goals. IMPERIALISM! New World Order! The American Empire. You see NeoCONs true goal is for America to take is "Rightful Place" as the New Roman Empire, replacing the British Empire. They have Divided their own Party. Casting out the Moderate Republicans, and Libertarians. The Republican Base NOW is solely REDNECK! The Last Few weeks have shown that they are Playing to THAT BASE. THE REDNECK BASE!