Monday, October 13, 2008

The Republicans are EATING each Other Alive!

The Republican Party IS PISSED! They see McCain as throwing the campaign. They have began to turn there backs on John McCain. Florida Gov. Crist has decline to campaign with him. High Ranking members of the Party like Bill Kirstol, and Newt Gingrich have been very critical of the McCain Campaign. It is clear what is happening here, the smell a LOSER and are ready to JUMP OFF the band wagon. The McCain campaign hasn't been able to come up with a coherent message. They have been jumping all over the place. They haven't been able to communicate to the American People just how they plan to lead this country out of the mess we are in.+ All he has done is TRY to attack Barack Obama over and over again. The American people have made there mind up. This is not the kind of Campaign they want to see. Everyday people are losing THOUSANDS of dollars and all he can talk about is BILL AYERS! Give ME A BREAK! We are tired of the FEAR TACTICS! It WANT WORK! AND THE REPUBLICAN REVOLT HAS BEGUN! They want McCain to be STEADY AND FOCUSED! They want him to come up with WINNING STRATEGY! They are become more and more afraid that John McCain doesn't have what it takes to win. Watch!

If John McCain can't win back the Conservative Base he will have absolutely NO CHANCE OF WINNING! AND I LOVE IT! We must keep the pressure on him. He will CRACK! He looks like he is a little under the weather. Could it be this Long Campaign is taking its toll on John McCain. Or is it because the Republican Party is EATING HIM ALIVE!