Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Early! Vote Now!

With Just 12 more days until the Election the Early Voting has begun. I Voted as soon as I could. I couldn't wait. I actually took a picture of my "Historic Vote". This is the most important election in the History of Democracy. The Nation is at a cross roads. We can go Right (GOD, GUNS, GAYS, Less Jobs, More Wars)or we can go Left (EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, Fair Trade, Good Jobs, More Jobs, Less Wars) The Beautiful thing about Democracy is that WE THE PEOPLE GET TO DECIDE. We decide which way this country is going to go. BUT! There are forces out there that DON'T WANT US TO VOTE. There are FORCES out there that are trying to STEAL OUR VOTE. There are FORCES out there that are trying to SUPPRESS OUR VOTE. We can't let this happen.

Martin Luther King did not Fight and Died for our Right To vote just to have the NeoCON Republicans take it away from us.

The Political Powers have always sought ways to "Control Election". Joseph Stalin once said that Voters Don't Decide Elections its the one Counting the Votes. The Republicans have always been in the Minority. The Majority of the country have long since rejected Republican Ideals, BUT! They have USED Voter Suppression to Control who's vote actually counts. They try their best to discourage Voters from voting. And when that doesn't work they try to Disqualify voters from Voting.

We can't sit on the fence in this year. We thought that Al Gore was a "Sure Thing" to win the Presidency. We thought that "There was No Way John Kerry would lose given the fact that the country was against this war. Right Now Barack is leading in the Polls, BUT the Polls don't count. The only thing that Counts is the Actual Electoral College VOTE COUNT! We can't rely on polls. The polls have proven us wrong to many times. We have to be active, we have to VOTE EARLY, VOTE NOW! We have to encourage others to early vote. I don't want to be thinking on November 5 that I could have done more. That I could have reached more people.

If your not registered. Register (preferable Register Democrat). You Can still Register in some states. You can go to and find Valuable information on the whole process. In my state of North Carolina you can Register and Vote on the SAME DAY, up until I believe Nov. 1. There is no excuse. There is no time like the present.