Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wake Up Republicans! Colin Powell has, You Can To!

Colin Powell announced today on Meet The Press that he will Vote For Barack Obama. Well I already have. I encourage everyone to early VOTE when ever it starts in your district. I have followed politics very closely over the last 15 years and Colin Powell has always been one of the Major Players in the Republican Party. Colin Powell has been part of The Reagan Administration, the First Bush Administration, and George Bush Jr.'s administration.

Colin Powell has been the "Good Solider" of the Republican Party. Even when things were terribly wrong during the first term of George W. Bush knowing that he had Colin Powell as one of his closes advisers made it just a little easier to bare. He has always carried himself with Honor and Dignity. Colin Powell deserves the respect of every man, woman, and child in America.

His endorsement of Barack Obama speaks to what I like to call is a Major Ideology Crisis in the Republican Party. "Who are the Republicans and What do they Stand For? This is their main problem. During the Bush Administration the Republican Party Lost their Identity.

The Neo-Consevatives have taken control of the Party and want let go. Moderates have been trying to Let their voices be heard but the NeoCONS quickly dismiss them as extremist. Ron Paul a TRUE Conservative was dismiss as a lunatic. But When Ron Paul's Libertarian Conservative Views started to gain VAST Public Support the Republican Party ignored Ron Paul's warnings and stayed the NeoCON Course. The Republicans should have adopted some of Ron's issues as part of the New Republican Platform instead they decided that We are going to go even farther RIGHT than before. A fatal Campaign Flaw.

Colin Powell represent those Moderate Republicans that use to be the BASE of the Party before the NeoCON uprising. This move by Colin Powell to support Barack Obama underscores the DEEP DIVISIONS within the Party. I predict that More and More republicans will jump off this SINKING SHIP AND SOON. To stay on this SINKING SHIP now would be political SUICIDE.

I also believe that Colin Powell wants to be part of History. Electing Barack Obama, the first African American President would a HUGE FIRST STEP in Race relations in our country. This is something that needs to happen. Colin Powell want to be a part of that. I also believe that he also wants to Help Barack Obama govern this country in anyway he can. Lets face it Barack probably wouldn't be able to find some one better suited for the job of Secretary of Defense than Colin Powell. It would also demonstrate his willingness to reach across party lines. If Colin Powell was Secretary of Defense this War In Iraq probably would not have happened.

This is a very important moment in American History. I think everyone wants to be a part of something special. I don't blame Colin Powell for deciding to Vote for Barack Obama. I just wish that the Rest of the Republican Party would Wake Up and do the same thing. The Country has Rejected Neo-Conservatism and has decided that it is time for a Change!