Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where does McCain go from here?

What is the next step for the McCain Campaign? I am curious as to how they are going to spin this "Trooper Gate" scandal. With Sarah Palin "On The Ropes" and The McCain Campaign gasping for air and running on fumes, will they have enough time to recover?

With November 4Th right around the corner the only strategy coming out of the McCain Camp is to TRY and beat this Ayers thing to every ones subconscious. They can't fight on the issue because THEY ARE WRONG ON ALL THE ISSUES!

The question is will it work? Yeah I'm sure The Republican Base is going to eat this up of course a large portion of there base are UNEDUCATED, BACK WOODS, RACIST, REDNECKS! The notion that they represent the majority of the country is absurd.

They are making all these comments at these rallies and quit frankly I believe that he is turning OFF the Undecided voters, Independents, Hillary Supporters, and Disappointed Democrats.

McCain has tried everything in the book. At first he kept saying that Barack Obama doesn't have the National Security experience! When it was clear that Barack was AGAINST THE WAR FROM THE START. That didn't work!

McCain tried to say that Barack didn't have the Foreign Policy experience. Then Barack went on tour to Europe, and The Middle east meeting a ton of World Leaders. That didn't work.

McCain kept talking about "The Surge" and the fact that Barack was against it. But McCain was the "Number One Cheerleader" for going into Iraq, even though most INTELLIGENT people knew Iraq didn't pose a significant threat to the United States. That Didn't work.

McCain is just out of Touch with America. Maybe its because he is too OLD! He doesn't understand the things everyday people care about. Now he is going after Barack on the Bill Ayers and didn't even have the NERVE to mention it at the Debate! You know why because he knows that the whole thing is BOGUS.

PLUS he knew that if he brought it up at the debate, Barack would counter that by Bringing up "The Keating 5". McCain didn't want the American people to here him dance around it. That why he didn't mention Ayers, he was SCARED TOO!

So whats next for he McCain Campaign? Reverend Wright! They are waiting for the "WRIGHT TIME" to bring this up. But if they do we will have to talk about Sarah Palin's Pastor Problem too.

Maybe thatS why they haven't went there yet! But they will. Hillary tried it and it didn't work. John McCain needs to think long and hard about where he goes from here, and what his next move should be or it will be his last!