Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama wins the 2008 Presidential Election

Barack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election. I can't believe it. I have always thought that it was possible but until it happened I just wouldn't let myself believe. Even with Barack Obama leading in almost all the polls I still wouldn't let myself believe. Will somebody pinch me!!!!

The Obama Campaign had ran a near Perfect Campaign. He challenged John McCain in almost every battleground state. He never bought into the notion that there were Red States, or Blue States. His campaign honesty believed that they could compete and they would compete. They had a better Idea of where the country was at than John McCain. John McCain's vision of America is just that a vision. It wasn't reality. Barack Obama had a pretty good Idea that the American People was ready for Change.

This is the Biggest election in WORLD HISTORY! This Election Proves that anything is possible. Barack Obama has promised to bridge the Racial Divide. His Leadership is what this Country needs at this time in our history.

Now we must continue to STAY INVOLVED IN POLITICS AT ALL LEVELS. We must take this mandate and use it a tool to get very important legislation passed that will improve all of our lives. I will continue to be the Liberal Voice in my community! I will continue to show people what a Strong African American Man is and What I am about! We must continue to change the political map. This is a huge victory for the Progressive Movement. I am so excited about where this country is going and about the opportunity that we have to really change this country.

Barack Obama has empowered us all to act. We must act. We can't just be happy with this victory. We must seize the moment. Barack CAN'T DO IT ALONE. He needs STRONG FOLLOWERS BE HIND HIM. I will be one of those followers and I hope to lead others so WE CAN BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE THAT BARACK OBAMA PROMISES.