Saturday, November 8, 2008

If I was one of Barack Obama's Advisors

If I had the privilege to serve our 44Th President I would remind him that this country is in pain right now. We can't forget about what Governments main Job should be to Protect the People of the United States. Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit of Happiness, Protecting the American Dream.

My advice is real simple. All Barack Obama needs to do is "Stick To His Promises" to push Strong Progressive Policies. He needs to involve the opposition party (Republicans) somewhat but he doesn't have to do what they say. President Elect Barack Obama Needs To Lead From The Center Left. This Election Proves that this Country is a Center Left Country. If the Republicans don't want to cooperate with him all he has to do is call them Out PUBLICLY BY NAME and let the American People know who are the one's opposing Progress and why.

He has won a clear Mandate from the American People to do what he feels is necessary to fix this country. If the Republicans don't want to play they can sit on the side-lines and let the Democratic Party clean up George Bushes MESS.

First order of Business should be the Economy. The Country needs another Economic Stimulus Plan, but much bigger than the one Bush got passed. This is the single biggest issue he will face as soon as he is sworn in as President. He has almost enough votes necessary to get what he wants done.

Next He needs to address the Trade Balance. We are Importing more goods than we are exporting. We Need to eliminate Trade Deals that HURT JOB GROWTH IN AMERICA. Protecting our economy and making it harder for Companies to send Jobs overseas should be near the top of his to do list. Third, ENDING THE WAR IN IRAQ. We are spending 10 Billions dollars a month in Iraq. That money could go to other programs. Barack Obama was elected mainly because so many people are against this war and want it to come to a end. The People believe That Barack Obama was the only candidate that was SERIOUS about ending the WAR.

Last of all Barack Needs to Re-Build our reputation around the world. The World is watching and waiting for the U.S. To LEAD. To do that we don't need to bully people to do what we want. We should lead by example. We should show the world what REAL Leadership is. But we have to communicate to them that we can't do it without them. John McCain would have been a good President. I really believe that. But Barack Obama will be a GREAT PRESIDENT! And that is what this Country needs right now.