Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Fight Against Non-Partisan Elections

My fight is against The Lenoir County, NC Republican Parties Ballot Measure to Lie, Cheat, and STEAL City Government Positions through the Non-Partisan Elections City Charter Amendment.

All across the Country the Republican Party are facing the possibility of Huge losses on every political level. As a last resort to Obtain Power a local Republican Politician from Lenoir County, Former NC House District 10 Rep. Stephen LaRoque has gained enough signed petitions so that he could place a City Charter Amendment Referendum on the Ballot.

LaRoque himself acknowledge that Kinston has been dominated by Democrats in a quote on the Lenoir County GOP website ( ). This Amendment would END Partisan Elections for the City Council and Mayor.

His Desire is to nullify the Power of Democratic Majority. The City is MAJORITY DEMOCRAT. The City has a Democrat as the Mayor and a Majority Democratic City Council. The Republicans feel that if they continue to run as REPUBLICANS they will continue to lose. The Only way for them to win any seats is to run as independent which calls for you to run a successful petition drive to have your name placed on the ballot or to make it where Party Affiliation isn't required to show on the Ballot. He is a Smart and Devious Politician who will stop at nothing to GAIN POWER.

This is a VERY DIRTY TRICK. Most Democrats in this City would never vote for a Republican under any circumstance. Former NC Rep Laroque knows this. I believe LaRoque is positioning himself for a Run at the Mayors Office in the event that he Loses his run for NC House District 10 against incumbent Van Braxton a Democrat. He knows that being a Republican he would never win the office of Mayor of Kinston, due Kinstons large Democrat Majority.

Braxton took his seat 2 years ago and is poised to hold on to his seat this year. They would rather Deceive the Public than just switch their Party affiliation. You see what they are banking on is that Most people don't really know what most of the candidates for a lot of Low level offices stand for because most of them don't run ads or campaign at all. ALL THEY KNOW IS THAT PERSON IS DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN. Most people have a very good Idea of what being a Democrat or a Republican is. So even if you don't know that person or what he or she may stand for by have Democrat or Republican beside their name you at least know that they support most of what the Democratic or Republican Platform stands for. Plus getting rid of Partisan Elections would end the Local Primary Election Process. Meaning that anyone would be able to just put their name on the ballot. The Republicans are hoping that if they run enough Republicans for a particular seat that their odds of winning the seat would increase.

For years the Republican Party has seen their grip on power in the city decrease. People all over the country have REJECTED REPUBLICAN RULE. Their Failed Ideas and Policies have left this country in ruin. Through it all the American People have pressed on in the face of a Economy in Recession and our Position in the World diminished. We can't allow the Republican Political Strategist to Lie, Cheat & STEAL more and more Offices Big, or Small.

I will be at 3 Voting Precincts passing out fliers telling Voters to Vote NO on the Non-Partisan Ballot Referendum.

I strongly suggest that the entire Progressive Movement find a Ballot Measure in your home town, city, county or state and fight for Strong Progressive Ideas.( Lets defend Democracy and Take our Country Back.