Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Wins North Carolina, but What does that Mean?

Barack Obama has won the State of North Carolina. It is a very important moment in World History. This means that Barack Obama carries two of the biggest Southern States, Virginia, and North Carolina. This Means that Barack Obama has a mandate from the American People. He doesn't have to PLAY TO THE MIDDLE OR THE RIGHT! He can pass Strong Progressive Policies because that is what the VAST Majority of the people want. The days of Democrats being Bully by the Conservative Right is over.

The Congressional Conservatives need to KNOW THEIR ROLE! Because if they misplay their hand they could find themselves in a even bigger hole in 2010, and 2012. I am not saying this to be funny this is the truth. I never believed that the country was CENTER RIGHT! I always believed that the Country was CENTER LEFT. We just allowed the NEOCONS to decieve us into believing that their way was the best way. Most of the Country were like sheep and blindly followed them. This election has opened everyones eyes. We all know now what the NeoCON Party was all about. The question is what are they going to do to recover from this defeat.