Sunday, November 9, 2008

What Obama's Foreign Policy Should Be

A lot has been written about the Bush Administration over the last 8years. Many have questioned his response after 911, the War in Iraq, and Afghanistan. His economic policy Less Taxes for the Rich and Less Jobs for the Middle Class. Free Trade Policies that make it easier to ship jobs overseas, thus threatening our economy and killing job growth. His total lack of concern for the poor and disenfranchised. His no child left behind policy left thousands behind because of the lack of funding. His out right denial to give funding to states and local governments that have been picking up the slack for the Administration mistakes. And lets makes no mistake about it this Administrations has placed this country on the brink of another World War, another Great Depression, and at the Very Least another Cold War With Russia. Just how have we fallen so far so fast in just a short period of 8years? How have we allowed this countries economy to be on the verge of collapse and be bogged down into Long Wars? The answer is clear. Our FOREIGN POLICY OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS WAS A JOKE, TO PUT IT QUITE FRANKLY!

It is clear the last 8years have been hell. Just imagine 4 more just like it. WOW! I am glad we chose President Elect Barack Obama. But the single biggest mistake was the notion of unilateralism. The Idea that U.S. doesn't need other countries to get things done in the world. The "Go It Alone" strategy. The BUSH DOCTRINE OF UNILATERAL, PREEMPTIVE WAR against anyone at anytime. The Great Woodrow Wilson was an Isolationist. He really didn't want to get involved in World Affairs. When World War I happened he did everything in his power to keep the United States form entering the War. When it was clear that war was inevitable he decided that he would PUSH for a League of Nations that would work to promote World Peace to keep something like another World War from happening. The Opposition Party at the Time (Republicans) were totally against it. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and didn't have the energy to fight for the League of Nations. His dream failed.

The Leaders around the World all were in favor of the League of Nations. The only one that opposed was the United States. How Ironic. If the League of Nations would have been passed many believe that World War II would have NEVER HAPPENED. Another Democrat (FDR) had the vision to realize that Woodrow Wilson was right and something like a League of Nations was needed. With FDR, Winston Churchill, and Joesph Stalin, the United Nations was passed. You see we LEAD THAT EFFORT. Stalin wasn't really in favor of it but we convinced him to go along with it.

But My point is we need the other nations in the world. We can't just sit out here on a Island and do our own thing. The Rest of the World isn't going to wait for ever for us to lead. Soon they will grow tired and look for that Leadership somewhere else. Could it be China? Could It be The European Union? Could it be Russia? IT HAS TO BE US! IT NEEDS TO BE US! We are the only nation that has what it takes to lead the world in these very difficult times. Never since World War II has our leadership been need more in the world. We can't allow the agents of intolerance to succeed in further dividing this great country and the world. Unity is what is needed now.

There are clear and well defined challenges that President Elect Barack Obama will face on January 20. Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba. Not to mention our Foreign Trade Policy it needs SERIOUS OVERHAUL IN ORDER TO PROTECT OUR ECONOMY. We have some very serious situations to deal with. Thank God we have a man that can deal with world leaders instead of THREATEN AND INTIMIDATE WORLD LEADERS.

I don't see one issue that is out there that President Elect Barack Obama isn't capable of dealing with. He has the temperament to handle any situation. As for Russia. He should meet FACE TO FACE with the Russia President Dimitri Medevedev, IMMEDIATELY! I don't believe the Missile defense Program that BUSH wanted was a good idea and I wouldn't risk worsening relations with Russia to get it don't. I don't believe it is something that President Elect Barack Obama will fight him over or should waist time fighting him over. We should be clear to Medevedev that we don't want him in the Western Hemisphere in exchange for us dropping the Missile Defense. Right Now Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela are doing a lot of back door dealing. I don't like. It is smart for them to do so, but it really isn't in our best interest for them to be so close. We need to be in the middle of the talks and get a idea of what is going on. I am tired of having so many enemies lets have PEACE.

Diplomacy is about give and take. Negotiations are about give and take. We shouldn't put PRE CONDITIONS on anyone. We hear their side, and they hear our side. We find out what they are willing to give up. They find out what we are willing to give up. We don't hold all the cards we shouldn't act like we do. We don't need to come to the table in a position of weakness but we can't act like KING KONG either. We are not nearly as strong in the World as we once were. We need to RE-Build Our World Reputation. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, didn't agree on much. But all three agreed that for this World to have peace that it started with them. The Three Most Powerful men in the world. If they couldn't come together just imagine the world now. You think things are bad now. They had way more serious issues to address and they did it by working together. Diplomacy.

FDR, Churchill needed Stalin. Together they made Woodrow Wilson's dream a reality. My vision is for World Leaders to come together in the same way that the Founders of the United Nations intended, not to plan wars, and more wars but to plan Peace. Barack Obama can do just that.