Wednesday, December 31, 2008

David vs. Goliath

Israel has rejected the cease fire and is Hell Bent on WAR with Hamas (The Democratically Elected Government of The Gaza Strip). Days of endless bombing have left much of Gaza in ruin. Food and medical supplies are running out and hundreds of Innocent civilians are being injured and killed. Israel's goal is to DESTROY HAMAS. The question can they succeed. When you kill Innocent civilians to drive more people to join Hamas. Right now they are destroying Buildings, destroying water lines, destroying power lines, totally destroying GAZA! But have they really HURT HAMAS? Can you really bring an end to the violence with MORE VIOLENCE? What do they really hope to achieve? There are many more questions than they're is answers but one thing is clear and should be clear to Israel by now is that Hamas isn't going anywhere.

Hamas is the Heart and Soul of the Palestinian People. Even when Yasir Arafat was in charge he could only do what Hamas would allow him to do. This is why I never understood why Israel put so much pressure on him. HE WAS NEVER IN CONTROL! Hamas has always been in control. Arafat, like Abbas was only a Figure Head. Hamas has all the power. They only way to defeat Hamas is to KILL EVERY SINGLE PALESTINIAN IN GAZA AND THE WEST BANK! But even that wouldn't work because then Hezbollah would come down from Lebanon and take off were they left off. Israel will never be able to defeat Hamas. They know that!

So the question is what are they really trying to do. Are they trying to demoralize the Palestinian people and try to prove that Hamas can't protect them. It is really interesting. Israel keeps saying that Hamas is "RAINING BOMBS" into Israel, but their aren't any reports of any serious casualties. So on what grounds do they justify their actions? How can they justify killing over 300 PEOPLE AND INJURING MANY MORE?

They are doing this because they know that when BUSH leaves office that they want have the same support from Barack Obama that BUSH gave them. Barack wouldn't not condone these attacks on innocent civilians. He would urge restraint and demand that both sides resume peace talks and try to come to some kind of agreement that he himself would be personally involved in. BUSH has basically kept far from the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict over the last 8 years. All he ever says is that Israel has a right to defend herself. WELL SO DOES GAZA! SO DOES THE WEST BANK! SO DOES LEBANON! SO DOES SYRIA! SO DOES IRAN! SO DID IRAQ!

If BUSH thinks that HE AND ISRAEL are the only ones that can engage in PREEMPTIVE WAR THAN HE IS SADLY MISTAKEN. He needs to wake up and realize what he has started. He has opened the door for this conflict. ALL THE BLOOD THAT WILL BE SHED FORM HERE ON OUT IS ON HIS HANDS ALONG WITH ALL THE BLOOD THAT HAS BEEN SHED IN IRAQ!