Monday, December 15, 2008

Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at BUSH!

A fitting end to a very bad Presidency! After all the Iraqi Blood that BUSH has on his hands, he deserves this treatment and much more. I commend this journalist courage, because he want see the light of day for a VERY LONG TIME. He had to know the extreme consequences of his action and he still went through with his plan.

This has to make BUSH feel a little afraid to show is face in public anywhere in the world. He is probably the most HATED person in the world. Not Osama Bin Laden, Not Hugo Chavez, Not Kim Jong Il, Not Vladimir Putin, Not the Castro Brothers, BUSH! And with Good reason!

This only underscores the need for Barack Obama to repair our Nations Image around the world. Just look at what BUSH has done to us. We can't have people wanting to "THROW" their lives away just because they don't like our President. Bush should have never went to Iraq. Didn't he think he has done enough already? What, did he think he was going to be greeted as the Savior or the next coming of Muhamed? This guy really doesn't get it. Listen BUSH! The WHOLE WORLD HATES YOU! You are just to DUMB TO UNDERSTAND THAT!