Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Problem with Christmas

Every year it is the same thing, people spending money they don't got, getting deeper in debt just so their spoiled Kids can be happy on Christmas day. That might not be the truth for everyone. I mean there are a lot of people out there that got Plenty of Money. But through out all the shopping and and holiday cheer, I just find it hard to get in the mood. I want my kids to have a good Christmas like the other kids but I don't really believe in the idea of Christmas I guess.

Sometimes I think that my childhood has a lot to do with how I feel about Christmas. The Fact that we didn't grow up in the church and we didn't have the money to get the things that we really wanted. Or maybe the fact that I found out pretty early in my life that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Or maybe because I was always being Bad and didn't deserve any presents. But as I grew up and really started to think about Christmas and its significance.

Christmas origins don't even begin with Christianity. In fact it is more than likely that Jesus' birthday is far from when it is celebrated in December. I guess the more I think about Christmas the more of a scrooge I become. I fight against my own Ideas and Opinions of Christmas just to make My Kids happy. I guess it is a sacrifice I have to make. But shouldn't I be educating them about Christmas? Or should I focus my attention on the what the Meaning of Christmas should be?

I probably am going to struggle with this Christmas issue for the Rest of my life. It isn't going anywhere. This holiday will remain. I just feel like every year I keep getting stuck with having to celebrate this with my family when I really don't WANT TO! I love My Family and I will just have to put up with it I guess. But I am just tired of being depressed.

I think about my childhood and HOW POOR we were. I would here Imagine By John Lennon and that is what I would do. I would Imagine a Better World where there was no such thing as being POOR. My parents had to provide for 7 kids. Never once did we NOT have Christmas. This puts pressure on me to celebrate it against my will. I have to make a Happy Christmas for my kids while the WORLD CRYS! Many poor people in this WORLD! And they are being TORTURED BY THIS HOLIDAY TOO! The RICH SPEND MONEY WHILE THE POOR STARVE. And at the sametime that they are STARVING, Wars are being waged all over the world. IS THIS THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS? LOVE, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY, KINDNESS.

The Message of Christ is Salvation! This brings me to the Salvation Army! The Salvation Army does so many GREAT things during this VERY TOUGH TIME! They give food, cloths, and toys to needy families. They understand that NOT EVEY ONE WILL HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS. They know all to well. But even that isn't enough. So what do we do? How do we make sure that Every little kid has a Happy Christmas? We CAN'T! It saddens my Heart. I have a hard time providing for my kids how can I help others? The best day of the year to me is the day after Christmas when all this is over! Then we look forward to ushering in a NEW YEAR!