Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obama's Message to Iran: Carrots or Sticks? You Chose!

President Elect Barack Obama has sent what I think is a very clear message to Iran: We can be Friends or Enemies, you get to decide. Of course President Elect Obama can't say it they way I just did, but I believe any politician could read what was between the lines of his comment. He acknowledged the fact that Iran is doing business with Russia, India, and China all very powerful countries in the Region. That relationship with those countries is the REAL threat not Iran in and of itself. RUSSIA IS A NUCLEAR POWER, INDIA IS A NUCLEAR POWER, CHINA IS A NUCLEAR POWER.

If Iran maintains close relations with all three of those nations Iran want need Nuclear weapons of it own. President Elect Obama also understands that it is that Power Block of nations that has empower Russia to to be more aggressive in the world stage. My opinion is the cards are stacked against us. I believe President Elect Obama is aware that our position in the world isn't nearly as strong as it was during the Clinton years.

The BUSH administration has destroyed our world image. And as we all know Image and Perception is everything. If our comrades around the world perceive us to be Poor and Weak then they treat us that way. But if they perceive us to be strong and wealthy then they will treat us that way. The Responsibility of Barack Obama is to prove to the world that Yes in spite of us fighting two wars and our economy in recession that we are still the Number One Super Power in the World. The perception around the world is that we are losing our grasp to that title with the enormous amount of money that we owe other countries particularly China.

We can't AFFORD another conflict in the world. Especially since Russia has created a strong relationship with Venezuela's President Chavez. Lets face it we don't have a lot of friend out there that are willing to go to war with us against China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. I know I am leaving out a lot of other nations but these are the major ones at this time. Not to mention Pakistan and India on the brink of WAR! I will say again we can't AFFORD another conflict around the world.

We have to work out some kind agreement with Iran. No more of this dumb Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran foolishness. Like the President Elect said we need Strong Diplomacy with Iran. We must let them know what we have to offer in exchange for their cooperation. We can help them by removing all those DUMB sanctions that only hurt the citizens of the country not the high powered officials. Lets do business with them. Money does cure a lot of problems. And we must at least entertain the option of Iran creating their own nuclear power plants. Lets face it they want Nuclear Power!

It isn't our right to deny them anything. Yes we must protect our national interest but it is against our national interest to get involved in another war that could lead to World War 3! I believe that with or without our involvement they will have nuclear power so we might as well make sure that they use it responsibly. The only nation that has ever used a nuclear weapon is us. Lets all remember that. We aren't the only ones that have them, but we are the only ones that has EVER USED THEM!

If they insist on a creating a Nuclear Bomb like North Korea did then we should impose so kind of sanctions but NO TALK OF WAR! The talk of war only makes situations worse. I don't believe they want war with us. BUSH is the one that started this nasty situation by calling them EVIL. He is the ONLY EVIL ONE HERE LETS GET THAT CLEAR RIGHT NOW. He has some DAMN NERVE. We must open a dialogue with Iran. I believe that Obama's Carrots and Sticks strategy is a good start to having real diplomacy with Iran.