Thursday, January 29, 2009

House Republicans ALL Vote NO on $819 billion economic recovery plan

In a show of defiance All 177 Republicans and 11 Democrats voted against $819 Billion economic recovery plan. This after President Barack Obama did everything in his power to work with the Republicans. The president added tax cuts that he didn't want, he dropped the renovations to the mall, he dropped the family planning issue. The President was truly trying to come up with a Bi-Partisan Bill. It is clear that the Republicans don't want a Bi-Partisan Bill. They want a Republican Bill.

Here's the thing though, we don't need them at all! The Bill Passed the House without a single House Republican and 11 dems turning coat. This underscores just how much POWER the Democratic Party has right now. Why are we going throw these charades? Excuse my language but FU%K THEM! We don't need them! Let them grand stand, let them keep running their mouths. The American People will judge them by THEIR ACTIONS. Right now their inability to come together on this bill is just a sign of things to come.

We should stick to Strong Progressive, Liberal Policies. If the Repukes don't want to play then we should invite them to sit at the table. SCREW THEM! I am pissed! After all the negotiations that OUR PRESIDENT did to try and make this work! They have the NERVE to disrespect him like that! The senate should drop all those tax cuts, add back all the things that the President had taken out to appease the repukes give the People a good Clean, Strong, PROGRESSIVE STIMULUS PLAN! WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM THE REPUBLICANS! If this is how they want to play, well lets play!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NC Senator Richard Burr votes NO Fair Pay Act

Richard Burr has put one foot in the "Political Grave". If you think that WHO EVER runs against him in 2010 want bring this vote up is crazy. He will be labeled as a sexist.

How can you not vote for equal pay for women? You must be TOTALLY BLIND to what is going on right now in the United States. The Progressive Movement is pulling in more and more segments of the populations.

The Republican party is already the party of Old, Southern, White Men. Women Make up the Majority of the population and this IDIOT has just alienated them. He already wasn't going to get the Minority Vote. Now he want even get the Women vote.

I personally don't believe that Burr is that STRONG of a candidate. If a Strong Progressive Candidate Runs in 2010 against Burr I believe that they will win in a Landslide. The Country is hungry for leadership not Neo Con Republicans sticking to the same of NeoCON PlayBook.

In 2010 what I said will come to pass. The only votes he will get will be OLD, SOUTHERN, WHITE MEN! Thus giving the Democrats one more Seat in the Senate. These Dumb Republicans need to see the light. Why do the cling to their OLD DEAD IDEAS!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" YOU MUST HEAR THIS!

Martin Luther King stance against the War in Vietnam is a Powerful Stance against ALL WAR, not just the the Vietnam War. He believe that the United States should use its power to promote peace all over the world not profit in the spread of war all over the world. I think it goes without saying that we have become to arrogant we have become to high and mighty. I do believe that our Fall as a world power is on the horizon. IF, we don't have a fundamental CHANGE in direction.

Thank God that Barack Obama is Our President. Barack Obama represents just that. A fundamental CHANGE in direction. The Path that BUSH put this Country on only leads towards our destruction. Now that we have a NEW LEADER at the helm hopefully we will have changed course enough to evolved destruction and hopefully put us back on the right course towards peace and prosperity. WAR IS NEVER THE ANSWER. How can you negotiate with some one that killed your father? How can you negotiate with someone that has burned down your village and has raped your mother and sisters? War only brings about more War. An Eye for an Eye will leave us all Blind! Peace, Love, Equality, Truth are the messages that Dr.Martin Luther King preached. And this is the message I shall end this message on.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Camp 'Prepared To Talk To Hamas'

We need to let the World Know that what BUSH was doing the last 8 years that this Administration isn't going to continue! We must speak to anyone we disagree with! Period. That is what ADULTS DO! We don't go running to our corner! We don't take our ball and go home. We deal with the situation. We show leadership. We don't BULLY AND INTIMIDATE! We point out our positions and make it clear where we stand. Then we look for areas where we CAN compromise and areas that we ALL can agree on.

One thing that is clear, what we are doing currently isn't working. We need to try something different. We can't allow Innocent civilians to be murdered. The Death toll in Gaza is around 750. If we don't get in there and instill some kind of Diplomacy there will be nothing left. The Palestinians will only embrace extremist even more than they do already. Israel want stop unless THE UNITED STATES PUTS PRESSURE ON THEM TO STOP! It is clear that in the last days of the BUSH administration that he isn't going to do a DAMN thing. It is Barack Obama's responsibility to bring about peace in the middle east.

What do we lose form talking to Hamas? Over the last 8 years it seems like BUSH didn't want engage with anyone unless they shared his world view. That was just Plain Stupid. In the process we created more enemies. BUSH has overstated the Strength of the US and many nations around the world have basically called our bluff. North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia. All these nations really don't believe we are as strong as we say we are. So the threat of Military actions against any of them is just that a threat. They know that we are over extended. They know that we really can't afford to engage in another conflict. Especially with a nation that can really do some harm to us. They know that the US would rather go after nations that don't even have an Air Force than go up against Russia, North Korea, or Iran. By engaging in diplomacy we can defuse hot and heated situation and try our best to work towards real solutions to the worlds problems.

Friday, January 2, 2009

ISRAEL has Doomed the United States!

I S R A E L said the time is not ripe for a truce! When will it be after they M U R D E R E D 400 more civilians? They are only creating more T E R R O R I S T (Freedom Fighters). I hope they fully understand what they are getting themselves into. The cycle of violence will only spread. SOON, very soon there will Israeli casualties. What will they say then when Israeli Schools and Synagogues are attacked? What will they say when their Political Leaders are assassinated? At this point there is no turning back. They (Israel) has drawn the line in the Sand! They have decided to chose War over Peace! They have decided that the only good Palestinian is a Dead One. They (Israel) has decided that there kids will have to fight for eternity. They (Israel) are willing to sacrifice the future just to satisfy their desire for Blood! They (Israel) have all but guaranteed that there will be Terror ATTACKS HERE IN THE United States. They (Israel) have destroyed President Elects Barack Obamas "Honey Moon Period". He will have pressure from all sides, Left, Right, and Center to come out and Make statements about the conflict and to explain what his administrations policy towards Israel, and Hamas will be.

What should our Policy be? Should we LET Israel continue to attack a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT IN HAMAS? Or should we say to ISRAEL enough is enough and demand that they stop the Attacks and END THE OCCUPATION? The problem is that BUSH has TIED Barack Obamas hands as far as Foreign Policy goes. Because of the War in Iraq, and in Afghanistan we don't have any room to talk. The US is the one that started the whole BUSH DOCTRINE of Preemptive War, now the Rest of the World will use that as an excuse to Start War when ever they like. BUSH's legacy will continue to affect foreign policy for many years to come.

Israel's actions will have a negative affect on the whole Western World. Islamic Fundamentalist Groups will use these attacks as RECRUITMENT TOOLS! They will say "SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE PEACE" They will call for MORE SUICIDE ATTACKS, MORE KIDNAPPINGS, MORE HIJACKINGS. The War on Terror! The Terror Groups WILL CALL FOR EXPANDING THE WAR AGAINST THE WEST to regions of the world that has never experienced it before. The FLOW OF BLOOD will be like something we haven't seen in years. I am very afraid that Israel has started something that they can't finish! And in the process has DRAGGED THE UNITED STATES right along with them! May God protect us all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 IS MY YEAR!

My New Years Resolution is to be More Focus, More Determined, More Driven, More Inspired, More Willing to take Risk, More Loving, More Caring, More Successful, More Willing to Serve, More VOCAL, More Involved, More Me!

I will be a better Father, a Better Husband, a Better Friend, a Better Son, a Better Democrat, a Better Liberal, a better Progressive, a Better Activist, a Better Critic, a Better Blogger, a Better Citizen.

I want to grow as a person in everyway. I want to make a difference. I want to make more Money. I want to make more love (with my wife). I want to spend more time enjoying life. I want to forget about all the sadness of life and remind myself of lifes opportunities. I want to Dream Again! I want to rediscover myself. I want to become a REAL MAN! I want to be an example to my sons and daughters. I want to think outside the box. I want to be more creative. I WANT TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

2009 IS MY YEAR!