Thursday, January 29, 2009

House Republicans ALL Vote NO on $819 billion economic recovery plan

In a show of defiance All 177 Republicans and 11 Democrats voted against $819 Billion economic recovery plan. This after President Barack Obama did everything in his power to work with the Republicans. The president added tax cuts that he didn't want, he dropped the renovations to the mall, he dropped the family planning issue. The President was truly trying to come up with a Bi-Partisan Bill. It is clear that the Republicans don't want a Bi-Partisan Bill. They want a Republican Bill.

Here's the thing though, we don't need them at all! The Bill Passed the House without a single House Republican and 11 dems turning coat. This underscores just how much POWER the Democratic Party has right now. Why are we going throw these charades? Excuse my language but FU%K THEM! We don't need them! Let them grand stand, let them keep running their mouths. The American People will judge them by THEIR ACTIONS. Right now their inability to come together on this bill is just a sign of things to come.

We should stick to Strong Progressive, Liberal Policies. If the Repukes don't want to play then we should invite them to sit at the table. SCREW THEM! I am pissed! After all the negotiations that OUR PRESIDENT did to try and make this work! They have the NERVE to disrespect him like that! The senate should drop all those tax cuts, add back all the things that the President had taken out to appease the repukes give the People a good Clean, Strong, PROGRESSIVE STIMULUS PLAN! WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM THE REPUBLICANS! If this is how they want to play, well lets play!