Friday, January 2, 2009

ISRAEL has Doomed the United States!

I S R A E L said the time is not ripe for a truce! When will it be after they M U R D E R E D 400 more civilians? They are only creating more T E R R O R I S T (Freedom Fighters). I hope they fully understand what they are getting themselves into. The cycle of violence will only spread. SOON, very soon there will Israeli casualties. What will they say then when Israeli Schools and Synagogues are attacked? What will they say when their Political Leaders are assassinated? At this point there is no turning back. They (Israel) has drawn the line in the Sand! They have decided to chose War over Peace! They have decided that the only good Palestinian is a Dead One. They (Israel) has decided that there kids will have to fight for eternity. They (Israel) are willing to sacrifice the future just to satisfy their desire for Blood! They (Israel) have all but guaranteed that there will be Terror ATTACKS HERE IN THE United States. They (Israel) have destroyed President Elects Barack Obamas "Honey Moon Period". He will have pressure from all sides, Left, Right, and Center to come out and Make statements about the conflict and to explain what his administrations policy towards Israel, and Hamas will be.

What should our Policy be? Should we LET Israel continue to attack a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT IN HAMAS? Or should we say to ISRAEL enough is enough and demand that they stop the Attacks and END THE OCCUPATION? The problem is that BUSH has TIED Barack Obamas hands as far as Foreign Policy goes. Because of the War in Iraq, and in Afghanistan we don't have any room to talk. The US is the one that started the whole BUSH DOCTRINE of Preemptive War, now the Rest of the World will use that as an excuse to Start War when ever they like. BUSH's legacy will continue to affect foreign policy for many years to come.

Israel's actions will have a negative affect on the whole Western World. Islamic Fundamentalist Groups will use these attacks as RECRUITMENT TOOLS! They will say "SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE PEACE" They will call for MORE SUICIDE ATTACKS, MORE KIDNAPPINGS, MORE HIJACKINGS. The War on Terror! The Terror Groups WILL CALL FOR EXPANDING THE WAR AGAINST THE WEST to regions of the world that has never experienced it before. The FLOW OF BLOOD will be like something we haven't seen in years. I am very afraid that Israel has started something that they can't finish! And in the process has DRAGGED THE UNITED STATES right along with them! May God protect us all.