Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NC Senator Richard Burr votes NO Fair Pay Act

Richard Burr has put one foot in the "Political Grave". If you think that WHO EVER runs against him in 2010 want bring this vote up is crazy. He will be labeled as a sexist.

How can you not vote for equal pay for women? You must be TOTALLY BLIND to what is going on right now in the United States. The Progressive Movement is pulling in more and more segments of the populations.

The Republican party is already the party of Old, Southern, White Men. Women Make up the Majority of the population and this IDIOT has just alienated them. He already wasn't going to get the Minority Vote. Now he want even get the Women vote.

I personally don't believe that Burr is that STRONG of a candidate. If a Strong Progressive Candidate Runs in 2010 against Burr I believe that they will win in a Landslide. The Country is hungry for leadership not Neo Con Republicans sticking to the same of NeoCON PlayBook.

In 2010 what I said will come to pass. The only votes he will get will be OLD, SOUTHERN, WHITE MEN! Thus giving the Democrats one more Seat in the Senate. These Dumb Republicans need to see the light. Why do the cling to their OLD DEAD IDEAS!