Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama Camp 'Prepared To Talk To Hamas'

We need to let the World Know that what BUSH was doing the last 8 years that this Administration isn't going to continue! We must speak to anyone we disagree with! Period. That is what ADULTS DO! We don't go running to our corner! We don't take our ball and go home. We deal with the situation. We show leadership. We don't BULLY AND INTIMIDATE! We point out our positions and make it clear where we stand. Then we look for areas where we CAN compromise and areas that we ALL can agree on.

One thing that is clear, what we are doing currently isn't working. We need to try something different. We can't allow Innocent civilians to be murdered. The Death toll in Gaza is around 750. If we don't get in there and instill some kind of Diplomacy there will be nothing left. The Palestinians will only embrace extremist even more than they do already. Israel want stop unless THE UNITED STATES PUTS PRESSURE ON THEM TO STOP! It is clear that in the last days of the BUSH administration that he isn't going to do a DAMN thing. It is Barack Obama's responsibility to bring about peace in the middle east.

What do we lose form talking to Hamas? Over the last 8 years it seems like BUSH didn't want engage with anyone unless they shared his world view. That was just Plain Stupid. In the process we created more enemies. BUSH has overstated the Strength of the US and many nations around the world have basically called our bluff. North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Russia. All these nations really don't believe we are as strong as we say we are. So the threat of Military actions against any of them is just that a threat. They know that we are over extended. They know that we really can't afford to engage in another conflict. Especially with a nation that can really do some harm to us. They know that the US would rather go after nations that don't even have an Air Force than go up against Russia, North Korea, or Iran. By engaging in diplomacy we can defuse hot and heated situation and try our best to work towards real solutions to the worlds problems.