Friday, February 13, 2009

No More BiPartisanship!

Judd Greg drops out as Nominee for Secretary of Commerce. Another failed attempt at Bi Partisanship. How could Gregg just totally disrespect President Obama Like that. The Time for Bi Partisanship is over. I understand that Obama did what he thought was right. Had I been in office it is safe to say that Bi-Partisanship would have never been in my mind. Doing what is right for the country is the job of the President, not trying to make everybody on the RIGHT happy.

Ideologically the Right isn't going to agree with the Direction that Our President is going to take the country. We should talk to a few moderates, that's it. But we need to make it clear that a few moderates aren't going to Re Write the entire bill. If they don't like that then they should filibuster. I would let them filibuster then I would do a nightly address every night letting the American People know why thousands of Americans are still losing their jobs, the Republican Obstructionist Party is the Reason for Thousands of Americans losing their jobs. I would let the American People know that I tried to be nice and that isn't what the Republican/Obstructionist want. Then we will see how long the filibuster would have lasted. I venture to say that it wouldn't have lasted very long at all.

Sorry to say that due to the Leadership in the Senate we will never know how long the filibuster would have lasted. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to grow a pair! The Senate Leadership needs to stop acting like they don't call the shots. They do. The Republicans only want to WEAKEN AND WATER DOWN any bill that comes out of the House. We can't let this happen to the Health Care Bill when it comes up for debate. We need to start standing firm NOW! I want be PUSHED OFF my Position on Universal Health Care. Nor will I compromise. We don't have too. We need to wake up and realize that we have the power not them. The Far Right is WRONG!!!