Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama Economic Recovery Plan Speech: "Time For Action Is Now" (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama gave what I think was one of his most defining speeches to date last night. He laid down the gauntlet on the Republican/Obstructionist Party. This is the kind of leadership we in the Progressive Movement have been waiting for. The time for action is now! We can't let the Republican/Obstructionist Party dominate the discussion. We must let our voices be heard. We must let the people know that not everyone is against this bill, only the Far Right Wing of the Republican/Obstructionist Party and its leadership. They have dominated the T.V. and the Right Wing Media has played into their hands.

They have turned the discussion into what Recovery Plan doesn't do as opposed to what it does. We need to help Our President Sell this Economic Recovery Plan. Right know the bill is endanger of being held up in the Senate by the Republican/Obstructionist Party. We have to let the Mainstream Right Wing Media know that the Republican/Obstructionist Party doesn't speak for the VAST Majority of the People. They only speak for a VERY SMALL minority of the People. They don't need to be on T.V. acting as if they represent all of us. As our President said their ideas have been tested and they have failed. The People have Spoken and have decided that they need NEW LEADERSHIP.

The People decided to chose Barack Obama. Let the Man do what he thinks is best for our country and Get out of his Way. If this economy gets worst the judgement will fall on the Republican/Obstructionist Party for getting in the way of President Obama in a time where we need every citizen of the United States to come together and support him. He can't do this alone he needs US. We need to Support this Bill as a People not just a Party.