Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama will Sell Stimulus Package to the People

The Economic Stimulus is about get a huge Marketing PUSH by President Obama. Our President will be going on all the major Networks to Sell the Stimulus Package to the People. The Republican/Obstructionist Party has waged ALL OUT WAR against the Stimulus Package. They have considered this their Alamo, they are making their Stand. They have Put the Entire nation at risk of SINKING in to a Depression.

At the heart of this whole issue is Rush Limbaugh. In away he put his foot in his mouth AGAIN! He said publicly what I think the vast majority of Repukes were thinking. "I want President Obama to Fail" All the Republicans know that it really isn't in their best interest for him to succeed.

If Barack Obama Succeeds then that means they lose even more seats in 2010. This is what it is all about. The Republicans are Posturing and Running their Mouths about the STIMULUS Package calling it a Spending Bill rather than a actual Stimulus Bill. They don't want to support it because if they do then they acknowledge that President Obama holds all the cards. If they fight it then it at least appeals to the base. If he fails then they can say that they opposed the bill from the start. If it Succeeds then most of them know that they will come out looking Really Bad for opposing it.

Talk about UN-Patriotic! How UN-Patriotic is it for someone to actually say that they want OUR PRESIDENT TO FAIL? We need to stand up STRONG AND FORCE these Republicans to Filibuster this Bill. The American People will be ENRAGED and throw these JOKERS out in 2010! The Republicans are only thinking about their Political Futures not the actual well being of the country!

Shame on the House Republicans for their selfishness. Putting Partisanship over doing what is right for the country. I urge all Progressives to come out Strong against ANY Senator that votes against this bill that is up for Re-Election in 2010. We must make them PAY THE PRICE for their Partisanship. Too many times we have let them off the hook, well not this time we will hold them accountable for their actions.