Tuesday, February 10, 2009

President Obama's first press conference

I think the President handled himself very well. He answered the questions with a depth of knowledge and understanding that we haven't been accustomed too over the last 8 years. It is refreshing to have a President who is intelligent enough to know what is going on and to have the right answers. The President is going back into "campaign mode", this is a good decision on his part mainly because the Republicans never got out of campaign mode. They are only worried about 2010. They could careless if President Obama is successful. His success means their failure.

They will do what ever they can to get in his way. Regardless what they say. They have to PRETEND as if they want to work on this bill in a Bi-Partisan way. The Truth is they don't want their names on this bill. They want to pull out everything that will work so that the bill will be ineffective. I don't trust them and we shouldn't be involving them on any of the discussions. They are acting like children so we should treat them like children and send them to their room. They want to be in charge, TOUGH!!! They are not in charge!!! The want to right the bill!!! TOUGH!!! That ain't going to happen. They don't want to play ball. So we shouldn't let them in the gym.

ENOUGH WITH THESE REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONIST. We don't need 1 REPUBLICAN VOTE. The only way they can Block anything the Democrats want done is to Filibuster. I think the President should let them know that in the future he isn't going to be so nice to them. And he shouldn't. The Republicans don't want Bi Partisanship. They Want WAR! Listen Mr. President We don't Need them for anything. Let them continue to whine like the babies they are. The Public will judge them by their actions. Or lack thereof.