Monday, February 23, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist says President Obama is our Leader!

When I Heard what Charlie Crist said yesterday immediately my Political Mind kicked in and said well he is making a calculation that I have suggested Republicans do for a long time, that if the Republican Party really wants to survive as a party that they need come back to the middle.

The Main Stream of the Republican Party are what most people would consider Conservative. But the Vast Majority of the People in America are in the center. And this past election has proved that the center is leaning left. Inspite of any fake numbers these NeoCONs want to throw at you that is a fact. During the whole campaign the right was saying Barack Obama is the most Liberal Candidate for President Ever. And yet this Centrist Country elected him President any way. That to me would suggest that THE PEOPLE of this Country are Center Left.

Charlie Crist is in a State that went for Obama. It would Political Suicide for him to come out Too Strongly against our President. I never would have imagined him fully endorsing his plan or hosting an event for him.

Like I said he realizes that if he is going to have a future as a Politician in Florida on the National level it Will be done from the Center, not the Far Right!