Sunday, March 15, 2009

The GOP: The Party of NO Ideas!

The GOP, stands for the Grand Old Party but now the GOP stands for the Grand Obstructionist Party. I know that sounds catchy but it is True. During this whole Economic Crisis that we are facing the only answer they had to the problem was to Stop the President from Solving the Problem. Their answer was to SAY NO,and try their best to get in his way. To Obstruct the President from implementing policies that will bring about change.

The GOP, stand for the Party of NO. They say NO to every Progressive Policy that the President has suggested. The entire time they are saying NO they Refuse to work with the President. Instead they continue to Fight for the same failed Policies that got the Country into the mess we are currently in. On top of all that they totally want to forget everything that happened over the last 8 years as if they had no role to play in the countries demise.

Let's not forget Who and What got us into this mess. The WHO is George W. Bush, and the Republican Lead House and Senate. The What is NEO-CONSERVATISM. If any of you don't really understand what NEO-CONSERVATISM is I suggest you check out this link:

My point is that if you have been watching the T.V. lately you see a lot of Republicans on T.V. trying to Revise History and Down Play George W. Bush's role in our Current Crisis and try to Blame this squarely on President Obama. Hello! The man has only been in office for a little over 50 days. How dare these guys come on T.V. and suggest that they aren't responsible for the situation we are in.

Not only are they the Party of NO, they are the Party of Grand Hypocrisy! All last week the GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) had the Audacity to come on T.V. talking about the Ear Marks and all the Pork Barrel spending in the Budget,(that by the way they put together last year under President Bush). 40% of the Ear Marks are REPUBLICAN EAR MARKS! The very people TRASHING THE BUDGET because of the Ear Marks in it HAD EAR MARKS IN THE BUDGET. All except John McCain of course because the Ear Mark issue is the only issue he really cares about. This was a issue that the President Promised to reform not to do away with. The President didn't to fight over the Budget, the Republicans did. Of course they lost, again. The President even had to call them out for their Hypocrisy. Saying the Very people crying about the Ear Marks would be touting them in their Districts come election time. Well he didn't say quite the way I did but you get the point.

Yet through all the Republican Crying and Belly Aching they provide NO REAL SOLUTIONS TO ANY OF THE PROBLEMS WE FACE.

They Have NO IDEAS! The only answer they have is to continue CUTTING TAXES FOR THE RICH. New FLASH the Rich don't NEED ANY MORE TAX CUTS! The People of America NEED JOBS! When will these Republicans Get it? Trickle Down Economics Doesn't WORK! The Reagan Strategy of the 80's doesn't work! It didn't work then it sure isn't going to work NOW! Yet they continue to say the same thing over, and over , and over again. Their are some people who are gullible and will believe what ever they hear but The VAST MAJORITY of the of the people in this Country don't TRUST, OR BELIEVE them anymore. They insult the intelligence of the American People every time they talk. The People that support the Republican Party (The Rich Campaign Contributors, and the Special Interest Groups) are the only ones that believe what they say because their ideas and policies will benefit them not the Average American Citizen.

The Republican Party are really good as deceiving people. Even at the Local Level. Republicans Like Stephen LaRoque have done a good job of Deceiving the People they want to Represent. They don't want honest debates, they don't want the TRUTH to be heard. They don't want EVERYONE involved in Politics. They want the Rich Elites of Society to Govern the Poor and Middle Class. They don't want the Poor and Middle Class to have a say! They don't want EVERYONE TO HAVE HEALTH CARE. They don't want EVERYONE TO HAVE A COLLEGE EDUCATION. THEY DON'T WANT THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP. They want to keep their foot on our throat! They want us to be quit. They want us to look the other way! Well I say NO! No to the GOP's Failed Ideas! No the Party of Hate and Division! No to Far Right Wing Ideology! I say NO to NEO-CONSERVATISM. I SAY NO TO THE PARTY OF NO!