Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Right Wing's Greatest Fear

The Political Debate is heating up in Washington DC and around the country. The Good News is the Republican Party's True Leader has finally shown himself. The Bad news is that there leader is probably one the least liked men in America. I'm not surprised at the Direction the Republican Party has decided to go. When they lose they always go HARD TO THE RIGHT. Right Now in the United States Rush Limbaugh embodies that Far Right Movement. Unfortunately for them the Members of this Movement are out of touch with the American People and out of touch with reality.

The Fact is The President still has a pretty high approval rating well over 60% even with the economy in shambles and unemployment going through the roof. Do you know why? Because the American People Realize that he didn't cause this mess that we are in and that he is doing everything he can to get us out of the mess BUSH created. I hope He succeeds.

The GOP and their Leadership (Rush Limbaugh) hope he FAILS. The problem with that is if he fails that would mean that President Obama didn't create the jobs he promised, he didn't come through on health and education reform like he promised. It would mean that he backed tracked on his promise to get out of Iraq. These are the Metrics on which President Obama will be judged if he fails on these issue it will have a devastating affect on the American People. This is what they want.

It's real simple, if Obama Succeeds the American People will recover from this Economic Crisis and they will Give him the Credit in 2010 and 2012. Thus driving the NEO-CON Republican Obstructionist Party deeper in to exile and obscurity. They will be seen as only getting in his way, slowing him down instead of actually being apart of the Recovery. They know that. This is why they WANT him to fail.

If Obama Fails then that means unemployment increases to over double digits and the stock market continues it collapse, more and more people are in foreclosure, more banks fail and GM, FORD, Chrysler all collapse into Bankruptcy. This is the best case scenario for the GOP because then maybe they will win a few more seats in the house and senate. That is what it is all about. This is why they want him to fail to gain a little more political power.

This why their Biggest Fear is that Obama will succeed. There are a few Senators in the Senate that are in BLUE STATES that are up for Reelection in 2010, Arlen Specter for one. They are afraid that our good Senator Richard Burr want be able to hold on to North Carolina since NC is the Newest BLUE STATE. They are afraid of Losing a few more seats in the House of Representatives. Who knows maybe Rep. Walter Jones will finally face defeat in 2010.

Many seats that the Republicans always thought were safe seats will automatically be up for grabs if President Obama is successful and can bring about the change that America needs. So get ready because these guys don't want to lose power. They will pull out all the cheap dirty trick in the book to STOP Obama from succeeding. Because they know that if President Obama Succeeds then the American People will succeed and they (The GOP Grand Obstructionist Party)will fail...