Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Specter's Departure A Wake Up Call For GOP???

Arlen Specters departure from the Republican Parties sent shock waves all through out Washington DC, and the entire Nation. BUT! I don't think it is a Wake Up call. The Wake up call should have been the election. When they lost more seats in the House and Senate. Specters decision is more personal. He can't win as a Republican in his STATE. It is that simple.

The Republican Party made a decision that they weren't going to support Arlen Specter. Basically they kicked him out and he came running to the Democrats.

The Republican Party thought they could get rid of Specter in the Primaries. They Didn't really think that he would switch Parties. They mis calculated. Again. Arlen Cares more about his SEAT than being labeled Republican or Democrat.

At first I thought, WOW! This is going to be great. We will get that 60 Vote majority once they seat Al Franken and the President want have any trouble passing his agenda. But then I looked a little closer at Arlen Specter and realized that he isn't going to be a easy stone to turn. He is a True Independent who isn't likely to vote the Democratic Party line.

So the question must be asked is it really in the Democrats best interest to have Arlen Specter? In the Short term YES!!!! We can use Arlen, lean on him and force him to support as much of the Presidents agenda as Possible. If he decides to go along then, we support him in the Primaries. If he decides to buck the Party like he did the Republicans than we RUN a STRONG PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT AGAINST HIM IN THE PRIMARIES. It really is that easy. The Democrat must be Pretty Well Known in Pennsylvania to make this work.

We really only need Arlen to help get Health Care passed. That is the one big issue that MUST be PASSED NOW! If Arlen comes on board and supports it People on the Left shouldn't fight Arlen on the other issues! At any rate it is a win, win for the Democratic Party. Either way it all but assures that there will be TWO DEMOCRATIC Senators from Pennsylvania. And that is the Key.

As for the Republicans. This is what they wanted all along. In some way or another. They wanted to "PURGE" the party of Moderates. They have almost succeeded. The Problem is they haven't kept any seats. They have done a good job of Getting Moderate Dems Elected instead of CONservative Republicans. I hope they keep this "PURGEING" process going. Because if they continue it will all but assure that the Republican Party will remain in the Minority at least until 2020.