Monday, June 15, 2009

South Carolina GOP activist and former chairman of the state elections commission Rusty DePass IS A RACIST and a BIGOT!

I don't want guys like him to even attempt a Fake Apology! We all know he really doesn't mean it! The best thing for him to do is SHUT UP, and stay out of the cameras and fade away! Don't run for anymore Public Offices and just stay out of politics. You see, this is just one of the many reasons why I would never be a Republican. They are the Party that embraces Racist and Bigots! It doesn't matter that I am totally opposed to just about all of their policies.

They are RACIST! I believe the vast majority of them think the way he does. I really do. I haven't seen any reason to believe other wise. Their actions speak for itself. Then they try to apologizes. PLEASE! I am sick and tired of them thinking an apology is enough to make up for what he said. It came from his heart! That is what he is! There is no need to apologize for being the Racist Bigot that you are especially when you don't mean it!

The Republican Party has a long history of making these kinds of comments only to apologize then have one of its members make another comment down the road echoing the a previous comment. Over and over, and over again. It is the samething. How can anyone believe that they are anything other than racist? Especially since they keep saying the same hateful racist things? What I want is National Republican Leaders to come out and denounce this man. I want ALL REPUBLICANS TO DENOUNCE THIS MAN. But they want because they believe the way he does just most of them aren't stupid enough to say it in a public forum. Most of them aren't some just don't care.