Monday, June 29, 2009

US Senate Candidates come to YDNC Meeting

I was very impressed by both Cal Cunningham and Kenneth Lewis. Both of these men are very talented individuals who clearly have the best interest of North Carolinians in mind when they decided to run for US Senate against the Weak and Ineffective Richard Burr. Either candidate would be more than a match for Burr and would give us our best chance ever at getting TWO Democratic Senators in the Senate. I sensed that everyone in attendance felt the same way. I also sensed that both men respect each other and I don’t think that this primary will be a dirty one. I hope that all the potential candidates run a good hard clean campaign and effectively lay out their views and ideas on the issues in away that is clear and concise. No matter who wins the primary I feel that the winner of the Democratic Primary will be the Next senator from the Great State of North Carolina. Both men were open to the idea of coming to Kinston and speaking and I can’t wait to get them here.