Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where The Religious Right continues to be Wrong!

In the wake of the Tragic MURDER of Dr. Teller at his Church of all places it leads me to think who in there right mind could do something like that. What gives them the Right to place judgement on any person? Teller was an Abortion Doctor that performed late term abortions that most Dr.'s wouldn't do. This made him a Target for the Religious Right! The most hypocritical group of people on the Planet. The Group that hollars and screams about LIFE is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF AN INNOCENT MAN THAT COMMITTED NO CRIMES.

Where is the outcry from the Religious Right over his DEATH? There is none. They are probably glad that he isn't alive to perform any more abortions. They are probably Proud of what happened and they probably see his murderer as a hero.

The Biggest problem I have with the Whole abortion issue that the Religious Right keeps complaining about abortions and overturning Roe V. Wade and all that but they have NO Plans to provide assistance to low income mothers. Instead they call them Welfare Queens. They don't want to have be on government assistance because it takes away from their tax dollars. But yet they want women to have babies that they can't take care of or afford just because it makes them feel better knowing that the baby wasn't aborted. Give me a Break. The Religious Right Wants to have babies but they don't want to help you take care of them. They don't want you to have Health care for them. They don't want you to have AFFORDABLE COLLEGE EDUCATIONS so you can get a good job and raise your family. With all that being said what in the hell do they want? They want the POOR to remain POOR and the Rich to remain RICH! They could care less about whether someone can take care of the babies or not they just want you to have it and if you can't take care of it put it up for abortion. Don't they know that it will end up costing the state in taxes if the government has to raise the child anyway.

The Religious Right doesn't have the moral high ground and they need to stop acting as if they do. They should be ashamed to call themselves Christians because their actions aren't even close the Christ Like! I am reminded of a famous quote, by a Great Man:
I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
Mohandas Gandhi