Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Congressman G.K. Butterfield makes visit to Kinston Community Health Center

I was very impressed with the way Congressman Butterfield handled himself to day. He answered every question to the best of his abilities and was very prepared and organized.

It seemed like there were a few Right Wing TOOLS in attendance that tried to create what I like to call a "You Tube Moment". Congressman Butterfield was having none of that. There was a security guard in the corner of the room just in case people decide to get rowdy. I wasn't going to have any of that.

I made the comment that no matter how good you explain and articulate the Health Care plan there are going to be people that are going to be against it even though they will be going against their own best interest. I asked him what are you guys doing to simplify the message so that the average everyday person can understand this very complex bill. Congressman Butterfield said that we have to continue to educate them. I thought to myself, its not that these people aren't sure whats in the bill, they know that what they say is in the bill isn't in the bill, they just don't want Health Care Reform, PERIOD! All the educating in the world isn't going to change their mind.

This is my advice to any Congressman or Senator that is going to have a Town Hall or any other kind of Public Meeting.

Have plenty of Security.

Make sure that it is crystal clear at the beginning that any one that gets loud and try's to disturb the meeting will be removed from the meeting.

Have it in a very small place. Today's conference room was a perfect size. Even if they wanted to they could get that many people in there and the Atmosphere wouldn't allow for that kind of conduct. It would be hard for them to hide in a crowd if there is know crowd to hide behind. You see most of these people are cowards that hide behind a crowd so they can scream and shout to just to disturb the meeting.

All in all the meeting went very well. Congressman Butterfield said that he would not be having Town hall Style meetings. He is opting for basically electronic conference calls. That could work, plus it saves him form having a you tube moment.