Sunday, September 20, 2009

2nd Annual Gantt Watt Reception and what it meant to me.

Yesterday was a great day for the North Carolina Democratic Party. The 2nd Annual Gantt Watt Reception was as we young folk tend to say "Off The Hook". I had the privilege of being around a lot of strong passionate Young Democrats and some not so young democrats. All gathered to honor Harvey Gantt and Mel Watt. Two Titans of North Carolina politics. Being at the reception I felt like in away that Generation is passing the torch to the next Generation of political leaders.

Anthony Foxx is a very impressive individual. I wish every city in the state had someone like Anthony Foxx running for Mayor. But I couldn't get over that feeling of the passing of the torch. Especially after the showed the video of Harvey Gantt speaking about the Races against the much hated Racist Sen. Helms. Gantt said that even though he didn't win those races that we did win because of the number of people that his candidacy inspired, including President Barack Obama. Just like Harvey Gantt inspired Anthony Foxx and Barack Obama, Anthony Foxx and Barack Obama inspire me.

I am 100% confident that I can achieve any goal I set out to accomplish. If I am willing to put in the hours and work at it. They have inspired me to be the Best to set the bar high and go for it. It doesn't matter if you get over it or not but what matters is that you try your hardest so that in the end there are no regrets and no excuses. The Torch has been passed to my generation and I know we are ready for the challenge.