Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back Room Politics

I have come to understand that a few of our Elected County Officials are supporting a Republican for Mayor. This wouldn't mean much if they were Republicans themselves. But these Elected officials are "Democrats". Now, I guess I don't understand all there is to know about Politics but you would assume that Elected Officials would support the members of their Party instead of going against the party and supporting REPUBLICANS. I was also told that a certain group of "Local County Leaders" met before filing for local offices was open to decide who should run get their support for Mayor. It was decided by the "Local Elite" some of which are Local Elected Officials that they would support a Republican. These Local Elites urged one candidate not to run and even suggested that they would give the candidate Financial Incentives not to Run for Mayor. With the Back Room, Closed door meeting being adjourned the Local Elites assumed that the Candidate wouldn't run for mayor thus giving their "Chosen One" a better chance of winning. They thought wrong.

Jimmy Cousins, the candidate that the Local Elite tried to push out of the Race decided to put his name on the ballot, giving up his seat on the City Council to Run for Mayor against the wishes of the Local Elites. This of course didn't win Jimmy Cousins favor and support from his fellow Elected Officials that were against him running for Mayor. I say all that to say this, Jimmy Cousins won the Democratic Party Primary and should and desires the Support of every Registered Democrat in the City of Kinston. If Earl Harper wanted the Support of Democrats he should have Registered As A Democrat and ran against Jimmy Cousins in the primary. Instead, fearing that he wouldn't be able to win a primary on the Democratic Side or on the Republican side, Earl Harper decides to run as a "Unaffiliated Candidate" when everyone in the County knows he is a Republican. Earl Harper has even managed to get the support of Two former Lenoir Democratic Party Chairs! My question to Earl Harper what dirt do you have on these people that they would support you a Republican for Mayor over a Democrat that actually ran in the Primary and won? Or maybe is that Jimmy Cousins didn't play along with the rest of the "Click"? I have always wondered just how many Republicans have infiltrated the Democratic Party and to the extent of their influence. I guess I have my answer!

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health