Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vote For Jimmy Cousins for Mayor of Kinston!

The more I have spoken to Councilman Jimmy Cousins over the last few months, the more I have come to realize that Jimmy Cousins is the best choice for Mayor of Kinston. We can't afford to experiment with Republicans not at this very critical time in our community. We have so many opportunities. It would be a shame to see either one of the Republican Candidates (Earl Harper, BJ Murphy) come in and drop the ball and squander all these opportunities.

We don't need Republicans in office that think Government shouldn't get involved in anything. We need people in office that are confident that if they have the privilege to serve that they can be a Positive influence on Government and can be instrumental in bringing about Real Change to our Town and to our entire Community!

Jimmy Cousins has shown in his years on the City Council that he can tackle the tough problems and work with members of the City Council to handle the problems that the City faces. He has never allowed the "Local Elites" to dictate to him how he should vote on any particular issue. Jimmy Cousins has always voted his conscience and he is a man of Great Character and Personality. When Jimmy Cousins tells you something you might as well consider it the gospel. While it is true that I may not agree with Jimmy Cousins on every issue. I know that no matter what the issue is Jimmy Cousins will do what he thinks is in the best interest of the Citizens of Kinston.

The time for Back room, Good Ol Boy Politics is over. We don't need a Mayor that is beholden to the Special Interest and the extreme Right Wing (BJ Murphy)! We don't need a Mayor that was kicked out of his party and couldn't even hold his seat on the County Commissioners (Earl Harper)!

We need Jimmy Cousins. He is a Proven Leader and has a Record that he will not shy away from. He is proud of his record on the Kinston City Council and feels like he can do more. Jimmy Cousins is giving up his seat on the Kinston City Council to run for Mayor. Not for himself but to give the City of Kinston something that it has been lacking for quite awhile, Real Bold Leadership. A leader that isn't happy with the status quo and will do everything in his power to change it. I urge everyone to Vote For Jimmy Cousins. Early Voting is underway. Get out and Vote!