Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Partisan Elections Matter!

All through out this Municipal Election Cycle people have been talking about the Justice Departments Decision to Reject the Non Partisan Referendum Pushed by Fmr. District 10 Rep. and Fmr. Lenoir County Republican Party Chairman Stephen LaRoque. People (Mainly BJ Murphy) have been complaining that this is so bad for the City and that the Justice Department shouldn't have stepped in and went against the will of the people.

Well I say that is LaRoque didn't try to decieve the people into thinking his motives were pure plus if he would have allowed for wards that the Justice Department would have never ruled against it. But based on WHO they were dealing with (LaRoque) and the Demographics of the City (Not Just Racial but Political) and the lack of Wards in the proposal they had to rule against it. It was the only fair thing to do.

I mean come on. The most partisan guy in the county pushing for "Non Partisan Elections"?

Doesn't that seem a little odd to anyone other man myself? At some point you have to ask yourself what do they gain from this? Glad you asked! Political Power!

There are 11,349 Registered Democrats in the City of Kinston. There are only 1,856 Registered Republicans in the City of Kinston and only 1,818 Registered Independents in the City of Kinston.

WOW! 75% of the Registered Voters in the City of Kinston are Democrat. You would think that if a majority of the city was for "Non Partisan Elections" there would be more Registered "Independents huh?

News flash, their not! It is my opinion that a lot of low information voters weren't aware of the implications of voting for the referendum. They were deceived! There were no letters in the paper at that time opposed to it. I wrote a few but they weren't published.

This has been a "Political Tactic" by the Lenoir County Republican Party to get some of their members into office. Bottom line, point blank, period. Their calculation is that without the party affiliation people will more likely vote off of name recognition thus making the candidate with the most money to push their name on the population the one with the best chance of winning! Knowing that most Democrats vote straight Democrat and that the City is Vastly majority Democrat they had to find away to do away with Party Affiliations. Thus we have the Non Partisan Referendum in a Nut Shell. Some will say that these are the ramblings of a mad man. But just look at who is pushing this the hardest. BJ Murphy and Stephen LaRoque. Laroque fmr. Party Chairman and Murphy Fmr. Party Vice Chair.

Democratically Yours,

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County
Member - Lenoir County Board of Health