Sunday, December 27, 2009

Socialism, Socialism,Socialism! The GOP: The Party that Keeps Crying Wolf!

Socialism, Socialism,Socialism,! Thats all I hear from the Far Right Wing. Never mind that none of it is true (If only it were).

I guess they received a memo from the GOP leadership (Michael Steele) to keep saying Socialism until it sticks. But there is one major problem with this philosophy. What are you guys going to call it if and when the Big Scary Government really does start to implement more Liberal dare I say Socialist Policies?

You can't keep calling it socialism. What are you going to call it? Communism? I think you get my point.

Have you guys ever heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf? That is exactly the state of the Republican Party. They cry and cry and cry to the point that NOBODY takes them seriously anymore. And God forbid they say something that might have some truth to it, nobody even gives it a second thought because they have a history of stretching the truth.

Just for the Record, I am pretty damn Liberal and I don't think anything the President has done comes anywhere close to Socialism. All the True Socialist Policies where enacted under the Bush Crime Families regime. The Warrant-less Wire Tapping the Big Bank Bailouts the over reaching of Government power started with Bush.

He (Bush) spat on the Constitution and and the will of the people time and time again the spent money like drunken sailors and Nobody called it Socialism then. Heck, they didn't even question it.

Now I know Right Wingers will say, "Why you keep bringing up BUSH for? This is all Obama's problem now" Your right it is his problem, but how are you going to solve a problem if you don't acknowledge what caused the problem to begin with.

My advice to the GOP is keep crying wolf. Because trust me we haven't even come anywhere close to Socialism. Yet!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early political polls are just that, Too Early!!

I would say that Burr has absolutely no chance of winning. The Senate Race will be at the Top of the Ticket and for Burr that will be something new. He got elected in a Very Strong year for Republicans in which we still had 911 fresh on our minds.

Not to mention that he isn't really a dynamic speaker and has very little Political Achievements to hang his hat on.

Then there of course is the State demographics that will work against him. North Carolina isn't as conservative Statewide as the GOP would have people to believe. North Carolina is much more progressive than it is Conservative and that is clear based on the state electing Women and Minorities on a large scale statewide.

Burr to be quite honest with you isn't all that appealing but the GOP can't really challenge him because there wouldn't be a chance of a Primary challenger winning either.

One more factor. Elaine Marshall, Ken Lewis, and Cal Cunningham are going to Run on Burr's Record in the Primary and in the General Election. With all the added attention focused on Burr the lower his numbers will be. Right now people don't really know Burr. He has done a piss poor Job over the years of representing this state. He has relied on Washington way too much and has forgotten his good ol North Carolina Constituents and has focused on the Classic GOP strategy of looking out for Big Business and Special Interest.

Then there is the compare and contrast aspect of it. You put Burr up against any of the Democratic Primary Challengers and it is painfully obvious that he represents a shrinking segment of the states populuation. Cal Cunningham is young energetic, passionate,intelligent and very driven individual. Ken Lewis is a very smart almost cerebral kind of intellectual while at the same time comes off as very personable and engaging. Ken has the capability to galvanized the African American vote if he can get out across the State and let his Face and his name be known. Elaine Marshall is a very experienced and well known politician across the state. Elaine is very well respected and the Women vote will probably come out in strong support of Elaine. So who does that leave as a Base for Burr? Old White Males. And when the Democratic Primary is over make know mistake the party will rally behind the Primary winner and Burrs numbers will drop even further.

I have met Cal Cunningham and Ken Lewis and I hope to meet Elaine Marshall soon. All of these candidates will make far better Senators than Burr ever could. I have made my choice who I am going to support and this is going to be a very interesting and exciting primary and general elections.

Anthony D. Hall

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Liberal Mugged By Reality!

I am getting Tired of Sen. Joe Lieberman. I don't know what to do about it. Throughout this Health Care Debate their have many competing views. I have always support a Single Payer System. There have been "Opt Ins", "Opt Outs", "Triggers" and the Public Option! All these ideas have been kicked around. One thing is clear to me that the people that want real Reform want see this bill as real reform unless there is a Public option in it.

To me that was always the line in the sand on the Progressive side. And I firmly believed that they would hold that line. The Conserva Dems (Blue Dogs) were opposed to a Public Option from the start in FEAR that it would hurt the Big Health Insurance Companies (Like I care about the Health Insurance Companies) and they feared that a Public option would be a Trojan Horse to a Single Payer System (which most liberals/progressives want).

So where did it leave the two sides? Two the Conserva Dems a Public Option was out of the question and to the Progressives any Bill without a Public Option was unacceptable. Something had to give. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decides to get both sides to the table. 5 Conserva Dems and 5 Progressives were sat down and basically told work something out. They did. They came up with a plan to allow people 55 to 64 to buy into Medicare! That couple with some serious Health Insurance reform and a expansion of Medicaid would make up a Pretty Good Bill. It wouldn't be a new Program and it wouldn't be a Public Option.

This is something that both sides could consider a Victory! But Good Ol Joe, still VERY upset with Liberals/Progressives over his failed Democratic Primary decided that if the Liberals/Progressives were happy about this that he wasn't going to support it for that Reason alone. Does that make any sense? That sounds pettie and childish. But that is Joe now. That os what he has become. And of course our President at this point just wants a Bill to sign no matter if it is a Watered Down piece ofLiquid Crap!

I am losing Hope!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lenoir County Democratic Women Host Reception to Honor Outgoing and Incoming Elected Officials

The Democratic Women of Lenoir County held a Reception at The Gate this past Sunday to honor Fmr. Mayor Buddy Rich and City Councilman Jimmy Cousins and to congratulate Bobby Merritt, Robby Swinson and BJ Murphy on winning their Elections.

People from both ends of the spectrum were in attendance in a show of Bi Partisan Support for The Administration that is taking office. County Commissioners and City Council Members where also in attendance to thank Mayor Rich and Jimmy Cousins for their years of Services to the community and also to welcome BJ and Bobby Merritt into Public Office.

There was The Girl Scouts, singing, and poetry. It was a great reception and everyone appeared to have a great time. I want to personally thank Debra Tyson and Sheila Seymour for organizing this Event and encourage them to host events like this again in the Future.

The purpose of this event was to promote Community Unity and to thank those that are stepping down and at the same time reach out to those that are stepping up. Mayor Murphy has a tough road ahead of him as do all the members of the City Council. And if we all work together that road want seem so tough.

There is nothing this community can't do if we all come together. I said to Sheila that Politics should be the Art of Common Dreams. And what I mean by that is instead of us fighting about all the things we disagree about lets find the Common Ground and work on the issues that we all care so much about and that is rebuilding this community through building relationship and working on our common dreams for Kinston and Lenoir County!

Anthony D. Hall
President - Young Democrats of Lenoir County